By Captain Stelios Tatsis

My turkey is 18 lbs, good enough for 15 “τουρκοφάγους”… This evening I washed it with water all over, inside and outside and then I dried it with kitchen paper. Then I washed it again with oranges and lemons, this way the “turkey smell” goes away. I melted two sticks of Irish butter and I mixed with pepper and a little salt and with a brush I brushed the whole turkey inside and outside. After that I prepared his bed in a deep stainless steel pan, with herbs, assorted vegetables and apple slices, as you can see on the picture.

I placed a grate on top of the bed and the turkey now is sleeping in the refrigerator covered with a blanket of aluminum foil.

Tomorrow early in the morning I will prepare the stuffing with a lot of special goodies… I will stuff the turkey on both sides, I will pour a cup of water in the pan and I will cover very tight the Turkey with aluminum foil. The oven is preheated on 325F and the turkey will be ready in about 4 to 5 hrs.

Moments of joy and sorrow , Nina this time of the year was my assistant cook.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL. Enjoy the turkey with your family. The chair next to GOD is for the family. Family is the foundation for a healthy society.

From All of us in HELLENISCOPE best wishes to OMOGENEIA for a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!



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