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 About St.Demetrios and St.Ekaterini’s schools…

 Reader 1: “…I was raised in this community & now as a parent with children in the Greek afternoon school I’ve personally witnessed some dysfunctional behavior.  Your article explains a lot. It saddens me because we seem to be a dying community mixed with personal agendas, egos & lack of integrity – with that, we are losing what was built generations ago due to personal greed.

Thank you for writing these articles- keeping the public informed – hopefully it will start empowering people to be honest- or at the very least open the eyes of many who need to start speaking up to make a difference as I fear our Greek Orthodox schools & churches will be run to the ground & there won’t be anything left for the future generations – which will be a real shame.

We should look around us & see in the last 20 years, the Muslims have continued to built schools & mosques around our community as we waste what was built for us & can’t sustain it due to greed.  Sadly, I see even the Greek afternoon school is one about greed- little focus is on the kids- instead the focus is more about the dog & pony show endless school year events (protesting falls on deaf ears) & fundraising…

My concern as a parent re the Greek afternoon school (which is also shrinking) is its losing its mission of teaching kids.  There is apathy from the parents to speak up (although even if they do as I have it falls on deaf ears).  The principal is weak in her leadership & cares more about optics (hence the multiple shows – approximately 5!) and fundraising than actually doing anything constructive in terms of experience for the kids.  Everything is a last minute scramble- for the past 2 years I’ve toyed with the decision to pull them out but I also feel torn with guilt.  The expectations are not realistic & through the years I’ve seen (this stemmed back even in my days) where the Greek afternoon school is treated like 2nd class citizens & not a true part of the school.  Sadly, I see that today as well but reading your article tells me there are even bigger matters at play.

I do agree with you that good people are around/ it is us who try to continue to help where we can & be a part- trying to hold on to the community but it’s such a shame that their is so much disorganization & I’ll feelings. I was shocked to even hear about the basketball teams having rivalry (ie St D w St Nicks in Flushing).   Parents do make it worst- but we need strong leadership to continue to encourage & enforce good sportsmanship- and that message goes to the parents.  I haven’t been to a game in years but was quite taken aback with what I saw…”


About Koularmanis and the community of Corona…

ΣΧΟΛΙΟ ΜΕΛΟΥΣ ΤΗΣ ΚΟΙΝΟΤΗΤΑΣ ΤΗΣ ΚΟΡΟΝΑ: Με αφορμη το τελευταίο σας αρθρο, έχοντας πραγματικά εκπλαγεί απο το μέγεθος της ύβρης του θρασύτατου κ.Κουλαρμάνη, ήθελα να σας επιστήσω την προσοχή σε ορισμένα θέματα που αφορούν την δράση του (η την έλλειψη αυτής) στην κοινότητα της Κορόνα. Επαφίεται σε εσας να εξακριβώσετε το αληθές των παρακάτω.

Διορίστηκε απο την Αρχιεπισκοπή για να τελειώσει την εκκλησία αλλα καμία ουσιαστική κίνηση δεν εχει γινει ακόμη. Τα μελη του συμβουλιου επελέγησαν απο αυτόν και  διορίστηκαν απο την Αρχιεπισκοπή. Η φιλική και συγγενική σχέση μεταξύ τους καθως και η επαγγελματική σύνδεση τους (Ηταν προισταμενος τους) δημιουργεί σοβαρά conflicts of interest. Οι συνεδριάσεις του συμβουλιου λαμβανουν χωρο εκτος της κοινοτητας, στον Αγιο Δημητριο.

Δεν συμμετεχει στην λατρευτικη ζωη της κοινοτητας ουτε στην κοινωνικη. Δεν ερχεται σε λειτουργιες, Βασιλοπιτα, Χριστουγεννιατικη γιορτη του  σχολειου κτλ. Το ιδιο ισχυει και για το υπολοιπο συμβουλιο. Δεν εχει επιχειρησει να καλεσει γενικη συνελευση ουτε να προσεγγισει και να παρουσιασει τον εαυτο του και το συμβουλιο στην κοινοτητα. Οικονομικες αποφασεις λαμβανονται με αδιαφανη τροπο και ερημην της κοινοτητας.

Στο σχολειο διορισε διευθυντρια την υπαλληλο του απο τον Αγιο Δημητριο, και τον Εθνικο Κηρυκα, χωρις την γνωμη των αμεσα ενδιαφερομενων. Εχει δηλωση οτι θελει να βαλει διδακτρα στο σχολειο της κοινοτητας, το μονο δωρεαν σχολειο της πολης απο το 2012. Το υψηλου επιπεδου Σαββατιατικο σχολειο αποτελει σημειο αναφορας και υπερηφανειας της κοινοτητας μας και η επιδραση του Κουλαρμανη βαζει σε ανησυχια ολους μας και αντικειται στο πνευμα προσφορας της Εκκλησιας μας.

Ευχαριστω για το ενδιαφέρον σας και ελπιζω να βοηθήσετε καταλυτικα στην υπεράσπιση ολων αυτων που οι προηγουμενες γενιες αφησαν κληρονομια στην κοινοτητα της Μεταμόρφωσης της Κορωνας.

 About Nick Andriotis and the corruption of the Astoria community…

Reader 1: «…Μόλις διάβασα το άρθρο για τον Άγιο Δημήτριο και τον Ανδριώτη…! έχω φρίξει … βρωμιά και δυσωδία!! Έχω αηδιάσει πραγματικά!…»

Reader 2: “…Had to write you and let u know how I thoroughly enjoyed your trashing them all in your highlighted article above.  As a first generation born Greek American, I saw this coming years ago; and saw the arrogance beneath the pride they projected of many of whom you wrote about probably. I felt and still feel sorry for all those  followers who believed in and still do in the faux hierarchy ( tomorrow we, Greek Orthodox celebrate the 3 Hierarchs ) – how apropos – and sad, that even today most don’t know why they are even celebrated.

I don’t know much about this newly enthroned archbishop (love his name) other than what I’ve read and seen of him in a few articles …. Can he rebuild a crumbled church as the one Jesus crushed and rebuilt his temple as a true testament as to whom He was and that the institutions of religion and education may make Greeks believe and be proud of him unlike being turned off by those pompous a…s sans their gilded byzantine crowns and adorned vestments embroidered by little blind nuns ?

There’s only one other article, related to this topic I tipped my hat off towards written by a retired Dr. Anastasios Kassapidis who practiced in Astoria, NY., about 2 years ago, took out an entire page of the Greek National Herald (Ethnikos Kyrix) and reamed them all a new ass in stunning academic Greek that even those with kitchen greek knowledge could follow; it was regarding the “ lost money ” (similar to little Bo -Beep’s lost sheep but that was found ) the Doctor received a letter grade of A PLUS from me because his structure and tone was simply poetic justice; I should have kept that article and had the Doctor sign it for me. Are you familiar with the article? Hopefully you will be by the time you’re done reading my note to you.

Count me in as I volunteer myself to be on your script writing team as this could def be an FX short series or blockbuster movie if cast correctly;  I want to be at that casting. Need i say head of costume ? We can take it back to the real 3 Hierarchs for about the first opening episode. We’ll have to hire Jessica Lange. …”



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