By Nick Stamatakis
Last night the “gang” led by Nick Andriotis, which ruthlessly abuses the Astoria community for many decades, decided to “honor” the former principal (and now director of Education at the Archdiocese under AB Elpidophoros) Koularmanis.  The teachers and the priest participated, as they were threatened and were afraid to lose their jobs – although many have expressed their true opinions (mostly in private) for years… What a joke!
As a tribute to Koularmanis we are publishing below a letter we received a few days ago by a former student of St.Demetrios School, a recent graduate. The letter verifies our reporting and reveals more horrific accusations… The name of the student is available to Archbishop Elpidophoros, should he decide to take action against the “thug Koularamanis” (I am quoting the actual student’s words)… At the same time we are anxiously awaiting the lawsuit threatened “by his wife”… Thugs like Koularmanis are known to be “hiding behind their wives’ dresses”…  Go ahead Koularmanis, make our day!!
“I want to start off by thanking you for these articles you’ve been writing on St. Demetrios. It has revealed and confirmed truths that anyone with a brain would have noticed if they were a parent or even a student of the school. As an alumni I first hand experienced the thug Koularmnani who was just as much as an absentee principal as he is absent in Corona. He not only stole money from my senior class, and cornered me with a smirk on his face when I asked for that money back, so that my class can use that money for what we had planned; he also stole money from the two senior classes that followed after mine.
        On top of the theft of senior class money that was collected through bake sales and school events, he also would make the girls in my class feel uncomfortable during meeting with him. If you as a student wanted to speak to him, you had to make an appointment, YES an appointment, and even then you’d have to make sure you told your teachers that you were going to miss their classes; because if you agree to see him at 12, get ready to see him at 1:30 instead.  If my mother would want to speak to him, good luck to her because he would either be in a “meeting” with God knows who, or he was simply not in his office doing God knows what….”
The student keeps piling on more horrific accusations which we will reveal at a more appropriate time….


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