By Nick Stamatakis

In a stunning new development Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit answered questions from the faithful right after the Divine Liturgy yesterday at the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in St. Claire Shores, Michigan, and offered some initial explanation about the corruption within the GOA.  The video was published in the Facebook page of the parish – but some “higher authority” forced them to pull it out within hours!…  We were able to save it before it was pulled out and you can watch it here.  It was republished and commented on by the blog concerned orthodox Christians…  In summary, Metropolitan Nicholas was very outspoken in describing the various facets of corruption around building St.Nicholas at Ground Zero and the GOA, although it was clear he decided not to reveal the deeper permeating aspects of it. He sounded as if he was preparing the faithful for the worse to come…

  1. He verified that all accounting in the GOA was “cooked”, manipulated so as to look that everything was “fine”.
  2. He referred to the abuse of the credit cards by “everyone” who charged their”lunch and dinner” on GOA credit cards they were issued.
  3. He demolished the current narrative by GOA that “everything is fine” and “we fixed all the problems” by announcing that the wasteful practices of the past are continuing in the present.  And he gave as an example the forthcoming visit by Patriarch Bartholomew, where all 8 Metropolitans are asked to follow him for 10 straight days paying $750 a night plus airfare plus all kinds of expenses.  A practice that does not reflect the current, desperate, financial status of the Archdiocese.

This stunning new development verifies our reporting that the “Resistance Network” within our Church is a genuine grass roots movement that is crossing all groups, both in our clergy and in our laity and reflects the disgust of the faithful about the unbelievable corruption that is still continuing!

Metropolitan Nicholas is the first of our eight Metropolitans to come out publicly and speak the truth against corruption. His statements are an open invitation to all clergy and laity to come forward and take part in the effort to clean up our Church. It would be very interesting to see how our “Holy” Synod in the Phanar reacts to these statements.  They have certainly lost the momentum – assuming they ever had any: From now on all efforts to control the avalanche of corruption news will be futile… No threats of lawsuits, no actual lawsuit will stop the Resistance Network from achieving its goals. Have no doubt, these goals will be stated very clearly in the immediate future and the faithful will be asked to comment on and participate in the discussion…

In the meantime, John Catsimatidis can put aside his pompous tactics about filing a lawsuit, unless he is decided to also go against Metropolitan Nicholas!  And Fr. Karloutsos will now have to explain WHY HE HIMSELF and many others within the GOA were the main reasons for bankrupting our Church.  Their effort to shamelessly pile all blame on former Arch. Demetrios (who certainly shares some of it – although he clearly did not enrich himself) has failed miserably!!  So far we know for a fact that Fr. Karloutsos had put his presvytera and his son on the GOA payroll for at least $200.000 each per year (!!) for decades – without any clearly assigned duties!! And we also know that the Karloutsos family charged their GOA credit cards with abandon!!  How much, when, how long and for what reason hopefully will soon be part of the judicial proceedings… When it is revealed Fr. Karloutsos career in the GOA will be disgracefully over – probably in jail… The sooner the better, all faithful wish… Every day that he stays on the GOA is a day that brings our Church backward…

To help him make his decisions sooner, let me just say that in parts of the country the faithful are discussing a class action lawsuit against GOA.  The specifics will come to light soon.  When this actually happens the whole corrupt edifice will collapse in one single motion!…


February 15, 2020, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com


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