By Nick Stamatakis

In a hit piece titled “We Are Like Animals: Inside Greece’s Secret Site for Migrants”, the New York Times, once again sided with the globalist powers that favor trans-border migratory movement and are supported by the international financial establishment.  They once again put aside most journalistic principles, and following a one-sided approach they are talking about extra-judicial centers and other tactics that Greece is using to defend itself from illegal migration. They used JUST ONE SOURCE, a man named Somar Al Houssein, apparently a Syrian Kurd admittedly “bused by the Turkish authorities to the Greek border”, a person with limited vision in one single telephone interview to get their information!!  And this person proved to be later not a refugee but a software engineer living in Constantinople!! (Here is the report by the Greek website olympia.gr)

Illegal migration in this case is proven to be used as a tool by the authoritarian leader of Turkey, Mr. Erdogan, who aims at undermining political and social stability in Greece and at blackmailing Europe in order to achieve even more billions of extra financial support. The same newspaper, along with those (George Soros and others) who are now faking “outrage” for the “inhumane” treatment of illegal immigrants (a very doubtful proposition in itself), just a couple of years ago were ready to propose the Greek Islanders for a Nobel Prize!! Do they really believe that the same people and the same leadership who opened their hearts and their doors and offered everything they had in order to help suffering human beings are now suddenly transformed in insensitive and cruel actors?  How about a little dose of reality: They are in danger of losing their houses and their other properties and everything else they own NOT TO SYRIAN REFUGEES, but to Afgans, Pakistanis and Africans and everybody else Mr.Erdogan is trying to push through the border to Greece!…  Do you want to see the proof?  Please take a look HEREHERE, HERE and HERE and HERE

Please write an email to the New York Times to express our disagreement with their journalism and our support for Greece’s right to defend its border!…

March 11, 2020, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com




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