By Nick Stamatakis

Among the thousands of pieces of news coming from all over the world regarding the coronavirus pandemic, we think we have found the key to the solution of the main problem, controlling the pandemic of coronavirus, in a small Italian town near Venice, a town called Vo.  As we learn from Skynews, this was “one of the 11 towns and villages at the center of the country’s COVID-19 outbreak and began the trial at the start of the pandemic in Europe. The experiment involved blanket testing of the town’s entire population of 3,300 people and the imposition of very strict quarantine on those infected and their contacts. Italian news reports suggest the town has not registered new cases since Friday.

“Testing was vital, it has saved many lives,” mayor Giuliano Martini was quoted by the country’s media. Andrea Crisanti, an infections expert at Imperial College London, who has been involved in the village’s efforts to combat the virus told Italy’s broadcast media that continuous testing and retesting of the whole population made the difference. Professor Crisanti said: “In Vo Euganeo we tested all the inhabitants, even those who were asymptomatic.  

In fact the above statement puts the whole problem in a very clear perspective: Until we now “Who Specifically” is infected in any US city at a given time, we will not be able to truly control the spread of coronavirus.  One can now see the real goal of  the quarantine in the US and other countries. The 15-day period will provide enough time to private industry to produce testing kits in numbers large enough to really make a difference.  The same “blanket testing” was performed in a massive scale in South Korea, with tremendous success, as the Wall Street Journal reports…

This task is not as easy as it sounds because there are multiple parts in manufacturing the testing kits.  As we learn from the website, “there’s multiple parts to testing,” Air Force Brig. Gen. Dr. Paul Friedrichs, the Joint Staff surgeon, said at the same briefing. “The first is the swabs that are used to collect the sample from the individual who’s being tested, then there’s a liquid … that you put the swab into. That’s what composed what we brought over from Italy.”

What did they bring over from Italy? From the same website, as well as other news sources, we have verified that a US Air Force C-17 cargo plane landed early Tuesday morning at Memphis International Airport coming from Italy, carrying 500.000 of these swabs that are necessary for the manufacturing of the testing kits.  Many similar flights are certain to take place in the days to come, as the manufacturing process is accelerating.

We can all help by acting as sensible human beings and following the “social distancing” guidelines.  By the time we are able to even approximate blanket testing we might also have the right medicine or combination of medicines to alleviate the symptoms.  This time seems to be weeks away.  Nobody can tell exactly how many, but we can be sure that american industry will take advantage of all the government incentives and perform the same type of miracles which proved this country victorious in so many wars and confrontations…

March 19, 2020,



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