EDITOR’S NOTE: (Nick Stamatakis) This website has repeatedly noted that the way we have reacted, as a society, to the coronavirus pandemic is about the same as the medieval European society’s approach to the “Black Death” (bubonic plague).  The public face for this approach in the U.S. is Dr.Anthony Fauci, who has been entrenched in the bureaucracy of our health system for decades and is at the center of a money-making machine.  Dr. Fauci and the CDC establishment wasted precious time (some say 2 weeks) in their insistence to have only CDC certified tests for COVID-19. He also resisted and delayed the application of already certified medicines like hydroxycloroquine which had been used abroad with promising results. Don’t misunderstand, Dr.Fauci had a long and very productive career, but there is no need to idolize him – and anyone else in government. He also underestimated Covid-19, along with all of our leadership, when in January 23 he stated that “this is nothing we should worry about” (You can watch the video here. For a more complete analysis of Dr.Fauci’s early statements about Covid-19, which do not at all flatter his “prescient” image, please read this report).

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is an MIT Ph.d and his integrated, informed and holistic approach – and practical medicines – would eliminate not only Covid-19 but many other diseases. This is certainly not a time to apply his ideas widely.  But when this disaster is over, we have to re-think our approach to medicine as a whole.  As a first step, our bureaucracies of FDA and CDC and other institutions related to health and medical research have to be rebuilt from the ground up.  

Dr.Shiva is running for the Senate in Massachusetts.  Please visit his website (HERE) for more videos and information about the pandemic and other issues.  Below you can also see his letter to President Trump about the real solution for Covid-19.

Here is Dr.Shiva’s Letter to President Trump

April 3, 2020, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com




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