EDITOR’S NOTE: (Nick Stamatakis) The biggest news of the week regarding the China virus came out of Stanford University yesterday, where a well-organized scientific study of over 3,300 Santa Clara residents of California revealed very important data about the disease:

  1. The mortality rate is 0.2%, very comparable to the seasonal flu.
  2. More importantly, it was found that the virus was 50 to 85 times more common than official figures indicated!! At the time of the study, Santa Clara county had 1,094 confirmed cases of Covid-19, resulting in 50 deaths. But based on the rate of people who have antibodies, it is likely that between 48,000 and 81,000 people had been infected in Santa Clara county by early April – a number approximately 50 to 80 times higher!!
  3. The study is not peer-reviewed but the name Stanford is a guarantee of its scientific validity.  Also one may counter that this refers to just one county. Yes, but the numbers are so much more distant from official estimates – and this fact alone should raise many flags… Especially if one considers various reports about an unusually intense flu season this year in California; it seems increasingly possible that it was mostly due to covid-19…
  4. We remind everyone that Dr. John Ioannidis, whose first warning about a “coronavirus fiasco” on March 17 revealed the inadequate data on which policies were based, is affiliated with Stanford.  Dr. Ioannidis will appear on Easter Sunday night (8pm) on Mark Levin’s program on Foxnews.  

Below you can click on the link to see the full report from Stanford University.



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