EDITOR’S NOTE:  With stunning clarity and displaying a rare depth of knowledge and expertise, Dr. John Ioannidis, on last night’s appearance on Mark Levin’s program on Foxnews, stressed that:

  • According to the data, we have been seeing the “tip of the iceberg” as the infected persons are many times more than the cases reported.  Therefore the death rate is much lower than reported.
  • According to the latest study by Stanford the mortality rate is 0.2%, comparable to the seasonal flu!! The death rate is approximately 1 in 1.000!!! You have the same chance to die from COVID-19 as from driving from home to work!!
  • 99% of people who die from COVID-19 have on average three other underlying reasons to die!!!
  • We need to protect the vulnerable individuals BUT WE ALSO NEED TO RE-OPEN THE ECONOMY.
  • If we do not open the economy we will have many times more deaths from reasons related to the continued lockdown than from the virus…
  • Too early to tell if the lockdown had any serious contribution to the reduction of death.  Societies which did not follow the “lockdown model” had fairly successful results so far…  But the numbers are not final yet…
  • Please follow the link to watch the video…


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