EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): In one more stellar TV appearance Professor John Ioannidis explained in plain terms the statistical data that are in our hands and the more data that we are missing in the course to a full understanding of the pandemic, this time in a 10-minute interview with Laura Ingraham, last night at Fox News.  In addition to his previous points about the lack of data, Ioannidis was very impressive in his cool, scientific approach emphasizing the need to be unified and non-partisan in facing the crisis and talking about striking the balance between protecting public health and opening the economy.

The host was so impressed that she ended the 10-minute segment of her show with a unique exclamation: “Professor, I wish I could read your entire CV, it is SO impressive, you had an incredible career and you are so young and you are Greek, that’s one more reason we like you!!… Thank you, come back soon”, Laura Ingraham said closing the segment, making Ioannidis almost blush behind his very Greek mustache…. 

Enjoy the interview by following the link

Here you can take a look at Dr. Ioannidis impressive  CV – you will need at least one hour for a sufficient look at his accomplishments…


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