by Nick Stamatakis

I am sure we all noticed the latest bombardment of bad news by the World Health Organization (WHO), which the mainstream media made sure they announced countless times in the last 24 hours: The WHO says no evidence shows that having coronavirus prevents a second infection”…  But let’s see what this remarkable statement really means, coming from a corrupt organization who has already been proven to be in bed with the Communist Party of China.

We all know from our basic biology courses in high school and in college that viruses cause the human body to react with the formation of antibodies.  Generally, the body makes first the so-called igM antibodies as a quick reaction to the virus and in a second phase it creates the igG antibodies which normally provide immunity for a few months up to 2-3 years.  Such was the case of the most aggressive recent viruses such as SARS and MERS, where immunity by the igG antibodies lasted up to 3 years.  The same holds true for the overwhelming majority – if not all – other coronaviruses…  These are simple scientific facts that can be checked instantly.  A certain period of immunity has to be assumed to be the scientific truth about viruses.

But WHO, the same organization who was feeding us pure lies from Beijing that “covid-19 is not transmitted between humans”, now turns logic and science upside down and warns us that “there is no evidence of immunity”.  When the human to human transmission was the normally expected scientific fact, WHO put science aside and fed the world with Chinese communist lies.  Now, when biology 101 tells us that there is a certain immunity coming after infection from COVID-19, WHO announces “we have no evidence”, which really means that we will need months of study to get this evidence and in these months “you stay home and burn in uncertainty as you are being destroyed financially”.  WHO’s willing accomplishes in the mainstream media of course obliged and they repeated this nonsense endlessly… Who benefits from this irresponsible, illogical and unscientific statement? The one certain loser is the health – particularly the mental and financial health – of the people in the US and around the world…

WHO could have made a much more neutral statement to this effect: “Scientific evidence of the effects similar viruses have had suggests that immunity is developed for a certain period of time lasting from a few months to about 2 years.  In the next weeks and months we will be evaluating new data to verify that such a statement is true for COVID-19”.  This is exactly the statement that a truly independent World Health Organization should put out. Especially in the light of statements by accomplished doctors, such as Dr. Othon Iliopoulos of Harvard (he was part of a Noble Prize winning team) who recently stated that so far “there is not one case of re-infection in the covid-19 pandemic…” 

Instead they chose, once again, to feed all of us with nonsense and add fire to the existing hysteria.  Why? The answer may lie in the biographical background of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  As Daily Mail reports, Dr. Tedros – who has never practiced as a medical doctor – is a career politician who was born in what is now Eritrea, began work under the Communist Derg junta, came to study in the UK, then rose to the top of Ethiopia’s government first as Health Minister and then Foreign Minister before being elected to lead the WHO in 2017.  He is now facing heavy criticism over his handling of the pandemic, especially for praise he heaped on China‘s communist party for its response – hailing the regime’s ‘commitment to transparency’ and saying the speed with which it detected the virus was ‘beyond words’.

We shouldn’t expect anything better from a devout long-time servant of totalitarianism….

April 26, 2020,






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