By Nick Stamatakis

In an important development this week Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar has urged government agencies to refrain from using the term “genocide” when referring to the slaughter of Armenians a century ago. Yes, the same Armenian genocide that was recognized by US Congress a few months ago, in a resolution which included an initial recognition of the Greek Genocides in Asia Minor in its first paragraph… (for the original text of this resolution click here).  

As reported by, Mr Bodnar explained that using the term “genocide” goes against Ukraine’s strategic interests, because “Armenia is a close ally with Russia”… And he did not fail to notice that the Armenian issue is an “extremely sensitive topic” for Ukraine’s key strategic partner in the region, Turkey… Although the Turkish republic began in 1923 by disavowing its Ottoman past, it has maintained ever since that what happened to the Armenian, Greek and other Christian populations during WWI and its aftermath was not genocide.

Let us note here that the U.S. and Russia are among the 30 countries which recognize the Armenian genocide.  Where to start with this cynical statement from Ukraine? Should I note that Ukraine itself has suffered its own genocide “by famine” from Joseph Stalin in the 1920s? Should I note that both Armenia and Ukraine are Christian nations?

But there is something further to be said regarding the position of our Church and GOA.   What are we supposed to think when the Ukraine considers itself a strategic partner to Turkey?  Are we supposed to expect that, when time comes to push for the full recognition of the Greek Genocides, the GOA will stand by the wish and demands of the faithful? And that there will be no phone call from Ankara trying to remind our Archbishop that we should “come back to our senses”… And that if we don’t, they know how to make us… Should I remind all of us that every time the term “genocide” is heard Fr. Karloutsos – with his so many connections in the “swamp” – makes believe he lost his hearing? Or, maybe, should we expect AB Elpidophoros, who wrote his geopolitical …”masterpiece” on Ukraine’s autocephaly, to pick up the phone and call Mr. Bodnar and ask him to modify his position?

As I have said time and again the Greek American community, the Omogeneia, will never be able to support the issues which unite us all and will never function as it should in most other respects, as long as we are dependent on the Phanar Patriarchate, with the very distinct, even today, Phanariot mentality… The duplicitous, slavish to the Turks, exploitative and money-hungry attitude that was so universally hated through the centuries, from Romania to Crete and from Smyrna to Corfu…

And it is hated today in America among the faithful in a way that words cannot describe. Enough is enough with the Phanariotes…

April 29 2020,









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