By Nick Stamatakis

Many have noted that there was nothing spiritual about the behavior of Fr.Karloutsos over the last three decades, the time period that marked the degradation of our Church to its current pitiful state. And many in our community have wished that he were a businessman or a politician… How much more money he would have made for himself and his family (since money seems to be his daily focus)… How much power he would have amassed (and be even happier as there is no elixir more intoxicating than power)…. How better our community would be with a secular leader with his skills (assuming he would have found a “secular Iakovos” to propel him to the top, as his God-given talents are rather mediocre)…  And how better the Church of Christ would be without his Machiavellian presence, peddling access to power and reducing everything we deem sacred and holy to  material assets to be sacrificed in the global altar of supremacy…

This latest episode presented here should be the proverbial “last drop” or, more properly, the “nail in the coffin” of his troublesome career in GOA.  What did he do?  Throughout the day yesterday I had been receiving frantic emails and calls from all corners of the country from exasperated faithful, feeling completely appalled by the most recent email blast by Fr. Karloutsos… In this email he simply stated “You’re in my heart and in my prayers. Stay strong, safe, faithful and hopeful. We will get through this”… And attached “as inspiration” a strange British video, titled “The Great Realization”, supposedly heartwarming, but completely inappropriate for a senior churchman…

The 4-minute”feel-good” video (which you can watch below) would be a perfect complement to an email blast by Oprah Winfrey or from any of the ladies in the morning shows, but it is completely out of place for a (supposedly Orthodox) religious leader bearing the heavy title “Vicar General”…  The words God, patriotism, Christ, Faith, Family, Parish are never mentioned in this video, which seems to draw directly from the globalist agenda of climate-change, anti-capitalism, “we deserve what we got” victimhood… The “icing on the cake” comes when the narrator says with irony: “It’s best to not upset the lobbies…”  Are you kidding me? The consummate lobbyist Karloutsos, who even as we speak is lobbying for casinos in Greece and politicians in the US, is suggestive of the “bad influence of the lobbies”?  The world has never seen a hypocrite like this one…

Needless to say, “Christos Anesti” was nowhere to be found in the email text or, above all, in the message of the narration… The Vicar’s message might have been that we will win because we have the Risen Christ among us, not because of some Harry Potter-like collectivist reflection that plays into the November elections…

But such “conventional” and “banal” ideas like the “Risen Christ” are worthless in the secularized prose and attitude of Karloutsos… I left out the “Fr.” title on purpose, as completely unfitting.  Sorry, there is no respect left anymore for Karloutsos… And I think I would express the unanimous view of the faithful if I said that it’s time for him to go… If you are about to destroy what we all consider sacred and holy, there is nothing else left for you to destroy anymore… Just go and leave the rubble that you created for a few truly faithful who would gather enough strength from Christ to rebuild His Church!

May 5, 2020,





  1. Σε μια λέξη, ‘καρλουτσος ‘, λέμε όλα τα κακά στην ελληνική εκκλησία στις ΗΠΑ.
    Σε μια φάτσα, βλέπουμε όλα.
    Και λείπει από αυτόν το άνθρωπο τίποτε καλό. Έστω και Χριστός ανέστη στην περίοδο του Πάσχα.


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