By Nick Stamatakis

In the best news in a long time regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study suggests that people who were asymptomatic but infected are all immune. Almost everyone who came in contact with the virus produced lasting antibodies. This new finding is part of the results of a new research (you can read it below).  The research also found that it takes 25 days from infection to reach immunity.  At the same time it makes it obvious that we can reach herd immunity sooner than anyone thought.  In fact, the faster the lockdown ends, the faster we will reach herd immunity (This of course does not mean that we should not take protective measures for those among us who are vulnerable…) 

I have to remind everyone at this point that almost 25% of the total population in most studies (including in New York) were found to be asymptomatic, another at least 10-15% have had mild or more serious symptoms and are now immune.  It is commonly accepted that herd immunity is reached when about 60% of the population had developed antibodies…

This finding also puts to rest the earlier doubts whether there is “re-infection”, which are now proven to be wrong.  Here is the crucial part of the research (Between pages 8-9 of the pdf file posted below): “In contrast to some of the prior literature on formation of antibodies, over 99% of the patients 175 who self-reported or had laboratory documented SARS-CoV-2 infection developed IgG 176 antibodies using our assay. Additionally, our findings suggest that IgG antibodies develop over a 177 period of 7 to 50 days from symptom onset and 5 to 49 from symptom resolution, with a median 178 of 24 days from symptom onset to higher antibody titers, and a median of 15 days from symptom.  This suggests that the optimal time frame for widespread 180 antibody testing is at least three to four weeks after symptom onset and at least two weeks after 181 symptom resolution. In our survey, we did not find evidence for a decrease in IgG antibody titer 182 levels on repeat sampling. 




May 9, 2020,


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