EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) You can believe or not believe Biden’s latest statements regarding the accusation of sexual assault by Tara Reade, but you cannot ignore his previous lies that cost him, among other things, a run for the presidency… As with all pathological liars (and we have seen quite a few recently in the Greek American community – the most noteworthy is disgraced TNH publisher and Biden supporter A. Diamataris) the truth always comes to the surface…  But even in Tara Reade’s case it did not take long before we got concrete proof of the validity of her accusations in this court document!  Good bye, Biden!… The question now is what undemocratic procedure his party will follow to replace him….  And with whom?  In the meantime, please enjoy his previous lies in the video below…


  1. He’s Pathetic! He’s nothing ! So sad that our government isn’t standing up and telling this freak no matter who he has rigging the election, no matter how he lies or his Desperate Democrats who worked so hard to cheat President Trump out of his rightful spot that WE THE PEOPLE want the REAL President! The one who did so many amazing things for our country. Just look at Trumps rallies compared to the few Biden had (Guess he was told not to worry .it was rigged in his favor) with only a handful at them. The boat , car, truck, bike parades for President Trump! Biden did nothing for this country in the 40 some years in politics. He has the nerve to even say he got more votes than even Obama? Sorry There aren’t that many Liberals, ANTIFA and Illegals out there. We aren’t stupid!


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