By Nick Stamatakis

As the news of the backdown by Alameda County was announced today, in allowing Tesla to start full production in its factory,  it was evident that Elon Musk had achieved a big victory not only for himself, not only for one county but for the state of California and possibly for the whole country.  Good luck to all those who are trying to convince other businesses and non-profit establishments that staying home is the way of the future!

In a gutsy move matching his personality, Elon Musk threatened to take his factory away form California and showed everybody that he meant it.  How was he convincing?  He defied the authorities and ordered the factory to start producing last weekend! And he said that they can arrest him if they dare! The “smart” so-called “leaders” (I truly doubt if anyone of them ever held a real job), who pretend they can run a county and a state but they are unable to run even a pizzeria, were put in a corner.  If they arrested Musk, not only they would suffer a public relations disaster but they would turn the whole United States against them!!  And they would pay a very dear price in the end: The possible move to Texas or Nevada by TESLA would cause a momentous catastrophe for California as it would be followed by the last few big manufacturers in the state… And by many other businesses who would get the message that this state is not friendly to any business…. So they capitulated…

Let me make a prediction:  Many other leaders will soon go down the path Elon Musk opened for them… The first one is President Trump who defied Fauci’s advice today in public and plans to visit Pennsylvania to push for the re-opening of closed counties… And many other local political and business leaders will play their own role to stop this insanity…  To know that 95% of the United States is almost unaffected by the virus, yet to keep the whole country closed and destroy its economy… “Until we find a vaccine”, say Gates and Fauci and many others… Since when a “vaccine” was necessary for the functioning of humanity?   Still today there are many viruses we have no vaccine for… Yet, we are able to live and flourish… And the already known viruses like the flu are mutating every year and require new vaccines… Which are only 60% successful in many cases, if I believe the official data…

I like to see things “as the historian of the future”, as I explained many times… Well, it seems that the “vaccine party” and its political backers will lose this battle…  They made a very common mistake described by a beautiful Greek word: “Hubris”.  Watching the monumental egos of Bill Gates and Dr.Fauci telling all of us that we will not get back to normal “until we vaccinate the whole humanity” was a colossal display of arrogance.  It was evident in their unrealistic plans, it was even clearer in their expressions!  The whole world revolves around them!  Hubris has several stages in its ancient Greek conception. But it always ends with Nemesis.

May 13, 2020,





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