By Alex Aliferis

  Across Northern California cities, the homeless problem grew from bad to worse in the past ten years.

   In my local town, I joined the Guardian Angels in 2019. It is a great experience to be part of the Guardian Angels. I made friends with great people. I am empowering myself to make sure my town is safe from criminal elements of the homeless. We encourage homeless to get off the streets. In 2017, I helped a homeless man get off the streets and into a job. I spoke to other homeless men to plant seeds of hope to get off the street.

   The Guardian Angels formed in New York City in 1979 by Curtis Sliwa. Sliwa was tired of criminal gangs taking over the streets of New York City. They engaged in safety foot patrols to take back the streets from the criminal elements. In the early years of the Guardian Angels, they busted up crack houses by storming these homes and dumping drugs.

   During the Coronavirus epidemic, the Guardian Angels have been active in cleaning up the subways. Mayor De Blasio abandoned the homeless and created a disaster in the New York City Subway system. Crime is up across New York City. The Guardian Angels have been patrolling China Town New York City to protect residents. They went into Jewish neighborhoods around New York to create and form foot patrols with local residents.

   I engaged in safety foot patrols in my town. Last February, the Guardian Angels patrolled the streets of San Francisco. It is a great feeling to be part of group making a difference in the community. The Guardian Angels is open to volunteers of all ages, ethnicity, or gender.

   Wouldn’t be great if Greek Americans formed a Guardian Angels chapter in Astoria? Crime is up in Astoria. 47% in say crime is awful in Astoria. 62% say it is not safe to walk alone at night in Astoria.

   The Guardian Angels has opened chapters across the USA and the world. For example, there are chapters in Japan, Italy, Mexico, etc.

   Want to keep Astoria safe? Invite Curtis Sliwa to speak to you and form a local Astoria chapter.

   For more information to join, go to

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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