EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is another innovative idea in the spirit of “Unity With Catholisicm” so widely favored by Bartholomew and Elpidophoros!  The use of water guns for spraying “Αγιασμό” during the pandemic… A Catholic priest in Metro Detroit used a squirt gun recently but the idea is rather old, as seven years ago another one in Mexico (second video) used an even bigger water gun… I think AB Elpidophoros and Karloutsos should use their access to Mayor DiBlasio and Governor Cuomo and seek the assistance of the real big water guns of the NY Fire Department!  One fire truck should park outside each Orthodox Church and spray the whole neighborhood with Holy Water!! You either bring innovation to Christianity or you don’t…  The bigger the gun, the bigger the blessing, right?

Please don’t be lost in the comical aspect of the situation… When you are a Church leader and you start going down the slide of “primus sine paribus” (“First Without Equals”) and in your downhill slide to an amorphous “Ecumenism” you put aside most theological and ritual aspects of your faith,  this is what you end up with…  Water guns…




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