By Nick Stamatakis

Eugene Telemakhos Rossides, born in Brooklyn in 1927, a great American and Greek patriot, and a great athlete, left behind a legacy of excellence in everything he touched in sports, politics, law, community affairs. Today’s press is filled with obituaries detailing his many accomplishments from football to his law education (at Columbia) and career, to his early start in politics in the Eisenhower administration, and later in the Nixon administration to his fight for justice in Cyprus. Best of all, you can listen to him personally describe important aspects of his life to journalist Thalia Assuras (below).

His reaction to the injustice of the Turkish invasion to Cyprus, the land where his father was born (Kerynia), was legendary and led to a historical arms embargo against Turkey, after a long and strenuous battle against Henry Kissinger and his allies.  Never after Eugene Rossides, did our community rise up to such a momentous effort.  What was the secret behind such an amazing leadership?  Was it his prestige and experience in politics and law? Was it his competitive spirit that led him to an all out effort for what he believed? Was it his strong connection to his Greek roots? Was it his passion for justice and human rights and the rule of law?  All of the above you can say… A comparison with today’s leadership “vacuum” in our community’s affairs is unavoidable… What makes the difference then? I believe it’s the character guided by principle every step of the way which is missing… A character that belongs to a different era, it seems… A character that shines in every word that comes out of his mouth in the interview…





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