By Stelios Tatsis 
This comment was inspired by an article by Andrew Miller “The unification of Catholic and Orthodox churches is imminent?”, published in January. One mistake in this article is calling mother church the Catholic Church. Everyone knows that all other churches, except the Catholic, recognize as mother church the Orthodox Church, the name Orthodox
alone speaks the truth. The problem is that the Fanar is under the Turkish authority and cannot exercise freely its mission. According to the article the Pope will try to take advantage of the split among the Orthodox heads of Churches, but the Orthodox
people will stay united among themselves and will never bend to the Catholic Wolf…
If the Ecumenical Patriarch surrenders to the Pope, the end result might be exactly the opposite. Orthodox people from all around the world may find the opportunity and with God’s will become united under a new leader, a leader who under united Orthodoxy may succeed to unite all Christians under Orthodoxy. For those who do not understand the meaning of Orthodoxy, I am letting them Know Orthodoxy (Orthodoxia) means the church of the right dogma. After the Schism between the two Churches, Catholics lost the connection with God because,  among many other differences, the Pope is calling himself
“Infallible”.  This Is a LIE and undermines the soul and the thought of the believers, as even Christ said: “There is no way that human being to live even only for one day on Earth without sinning”.
Stelios Tatsis (“The Fisherman”)


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