EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): In the noise of the “Black Lives Matter” protests, riots and loots a very important poll was completely lost, taken 8-10 days after the George Floyd murder and done by Rasmussen, probably the best name in the business.  The poll showed that among black likely voters (LV) 40% support President Trump, while 25% “strongly support” him.  Why this is important?  Because it takes time, money and effort to identify the LV, in contrast with most polls which ask only registered voters (RV).  But all of us know that many registered voters just do not show up on election day and so including them in any poll turns the results extremely misleading.  But even RV polls are fine compared to CNN or ABC real trash polls where the “sample” of voters is skewed to include a disproportionate amount of democrats…

If this poll is correct, and as I said Rasmussen is among the best in the poll business, the re-election of president Trump is absolutely guaranteed.  Why? Because only 10-13% of blacks voted republican in the last 4 elections… Here is the Rasmussen poll:

The poll is reinforced by strong evidence especially in battleground states as in Pennsylvania and elsewhere… But we will come to such an analysis later.  For the time being here is the report on the Rasmussen poll in the hayride.






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