EDITOR’S NOTE: GOA used to have several outreach programs and some of them dealt with the homeless.  But in the midst of covid-19 and political activities most ministries are put on the side… Oh, I forgot, that tomorrow the so-called “leadership” decided to unnecessarily celebrate Bartholomew’s name day, even though the Patriarch himself, to his credit decided not to celebrate it in Constantinople. Maybe he should call them and tell them that they do really no good to his name by wasting their energy on a useless celebration when there is so much suffering to devote themselves in relieving….   


Piraeus, June 10, 2020

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While travelers from Greece and throughout the world make their way through the port in Piraeus, Greece, every day, at night, once the ships have left, a group of locals make their way to their “homes” at the port, consisting of little more than a blanket and some pieces of cardboard.

The port is now populated by people who were hit hard by the economic crisis in Greece, as well as young people who have found themselves unemployed in the coronavirus era.

Photo: romfea.grPhoto: romfea.gr

Those living at the port may find themselves without a home, but they are not without love, thanks to local priest Fr. Fanourios Katsaros from the Church of St. Constantine.

Together with a group of volunteers, Fr. Fanourios prepares and delivers a meal to all those in need, every night, reports Romfea.

Together with a plate of hot food, the Port residents are also reminded that they are worthy to be loved. In turn, the homeless speak of Fr. Fanourios as a friend and brother. Friendships have also been formed between members of the team of volunteers and the homeless.

Fr. Fanourios has been at it for six years now, and his ministry has become known throughout Piraeus in that time. The city’s poor and those “on the fringes” love him as “the saint of the port.”



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