By Alex Aliferis

There is an e-mail that connects the Greek American Democrat establishment elites.

Julian Assange and others have done a great job in exposing the Globalist elites worldwide with WikiLeaks.

What is their agenda? They hide under organizations, and foundations.

For a while, the Greek American community has been ruled by Greek American Democrat Establishment elite. Greek American Republicans have been shunned for years by this network who rules the community with an iron fist. No one elected them. Did you vote for them to represent the so-called Greek American community? Who are these people?

A WikiLeaks 2016 John Podesta e-mail connects them all under one umbrella: John Podesta, Hilary Clinton, and the Greek American Democrat Establishment Elite. Now, these same people are under the Biden camp.

Who is John Podesta and why is he a central figure? Many Greek Americans don’t know him.

John Podesta was the Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton in the 1990s. Podesta and Hilary Clinton created Media Matters for America with money from George Soros to destroy conservative talk radio. He was a Clinton-family consigliere for decades. Podesta was Chairman of Hilary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Time Magazine mentioned, “ President Elect Obama has effectively contracted out the management of his own government’s formation to Podesta.”

He is considered the ringleader of the Progressive Movement and one of Washington DC’s influential power brokers.

Podesta created the Center for American Progress as a training camp for leftist extremists. It became the central role in the Democratic Party’s planning, fundraising, and messaging. This  whole deal is funded by George Soros, Clintons, Donald Sussaman, and other wealthy Globalist elite in order to spearhead ‘The Progressive Movement”.  John Podesta is half Greek and half Italian who is connected to the whole Greek American Democrat establishment elite. As a side note, Ex-Ambassador to Hungary Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis is now LT Governor of California.

An e-mail dated, March 10, 2016 from one of John Podesta’s e-mails connects them all.

Briefing for Greek Americans for Hillary call To: 

Date: 2016-03-10 12:00 Subject: Briefing for Greek Americans for Hillary call

II. PARTICIPANTS* ● YOU ● Former Massachusetts Governor and 1988 Democratic Presidential Nominee Michael S. Dukakis ● Former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary (and current Hillblazer) Ambassador Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis ● Approximately 60 RSVPed invitees who are members of the Greek American and ethnic outreach communities *Staff* ● Jared Mueller, Political Chief of Staff *III. Attachments: 1 – Table of RSVPed Guests (as of 2 a.m. ET, March 10th) 2 – Talking Points *APPENDIX 1: JOHN PODESTA* *SUGGESTED TALKING POINTS FOR CALL WITH* *GREEK AMERICANS FOR HILLARY* *Call Participants along with YOU* Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis,  Governor Michael S. Dukakis

 *Selected Notable RSVPs*  Susan Bysiewicz,  John Catsimatidis ,Clay Pell, Tony Podesta, Representative John Sarbanes

*Remaining RSVPs* Achilles Kornaros, Agnes Ricko, Alex Sotiropoulos, Andrew Pappas, Apostolos Zoupaniotis, Byron Georgiou, Constantine Sirigos, Constantinos Sofocleous, Corine Weiler, Dean Alonis, Denise Panichas, Dimitri Nionakis, Gretchen Sofocleous, Eleni Konstantinou, Elizabeth Fagan, Endy Zemenides, Fr. Alexander Karloutsos, Frances Chapman, Gayle Paleologos, George Apostolides, George Chiampas, Georgia Logothetis, Gretchen Sofocleous, Harry Koulos, Irene Antonoglu, Irene Koumi, James (Dimitrios B.) Kontolios, Joan Dauria, John M. Moraris, Jonathan Vasdekas, Katerina Dimitratos, Maria Pope Toliopoulos, Max Frank, Melissa Hedden, Michael Andrew Milas, Mike Manatos, Nicholas Sakellariadis, Norma Rahall, Paula Mousalimas Gassoumis, Peter Poulos, Phillip Wilkinson, Richard Gordon, Samantha Slosberg, Sofia Konstantinou, Sotiris Kolokotronis, Stergios Theologides, Steve Rukavina, Tasos D Zambas, Ted Anastasiou, Ted Koutsoubas, Vickie Mavromihalis, Victor Makras, Yianni Konstantinou, Zenon Christodoulou


Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.


  1. Podesta brothers disgraced lobbyists who left town ahead of the sheriff, friends of
    Athenagoras Biden Award
    Ukraine hijinks, Abortion, LGBT advocates, Biden son in Ukraine
    Foreign Registration Act violations
    including representing a Russian bank owned by Putin.

    So much corruption and incest
    One big happy Democrat family
    Enabled by GOA stooges in robes
    Johnny Cats will always pay for banquets for all of them at the Metropolitan Club NYC and run on the Republican ticket.


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