EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Dr. Fauci has issued a number of recommendations regarding covid-19.  At first, in January, he said clearly that covid-19 poses no threat.  Then, a few weeks later, he changed that position.  Then he said masks are not necessary, only to change this position too… Then he was all for closing everything, all businesses, all schools, all churches… But when it comes to protesting BLM crowds, he does not have the courage to say that “YES, protests increase the risk to spread covid-19…”  But he insists that he does not have “scientific” evidence… He is the embodiment of the DC “bureaucrat”… Having spent his whole life in DC, where he was always part of the health establishment, he is unable to take ANY stance that would seem to threaten the “swamp” creatures, the snakes who, being unable to make it in business or in any profession, feed off the American taxpayers…




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