By Nick Stamatakis

In a scheduled appearance this morning via teleconference in Manhattan’s Supreme Court, in front of Judge Schlomo Hagler, the motion by Mr.Koularmanis for a preliminary  injunction against “Helleniscope” for defamation was denied in quite strong terms.  Mr. Koularmanis, appearing via his attorney Mr.Altman, had initially requested the Court for an order prohibiting “Helleniscope” from writing anything against him and “against his current and former employers”!! Realizing the shaky legal ground for such a wide request, the plaintiffs adjusted their petition last night, limiting their request to themselves only and also asking for the removal of all material referring to them from our website. They were flatly denied.  Also present was Adam Gross, a lawyer for the St.Demetrios parish.

Judge Hagler heard both parties present their case. Helleniscope appeared “pro se” (represented by the undersigned, its owner) and stressed that as a website we have been performing an essential function of the press.  We are the only lively voice in the community, trying to uncover the wrongdoings of public figures among us… If the Court was to silence Helleniscope for such unsupported defamation reasons, then other public figures would follow… President Trump and Governor Cuomo alone would be able to shut down 90% of the press in the United States!!

The Judge based his decision on three elements, most important of which (for obvious reasons) is the “probability of success” of the Koularmanis complaint in the main trial to follow.  Judge Hagler evaluated the arguments of both sides and decided that there is very limited probability of success on the merits of the case. This is significant not only as regards the defamation lawsuit, but also for the rest of the case pertaining to the parish.  The Judge made a special reference to our repeated focus on the issue of “conflict of interest” in St. Demetrios of Astoria, an element proving that our focus was not to harm Koularmanis personally but to draw attention to what was wrong in the community.

We thank all our friends who stood by our side and we declare our readiness to continue fighting for truth, transparency and accountability at all levels.  Our struggle has just begun!  In less than a year “Helleniscope” has become the main vehicle of resistance against those actors, mostly “foreign bodies” to America, who do not have the best interest of our community in mind.  At the same time, Helleniscope is the main medium of news and analysis! Why? Because we are guided by an unstoppable pursuit of the truth! We are proud to have annoyed the “powers that be”, those who supported (openly or secretly) Koularmanis, who is just a cog in the wheels of the exploitation of our Church and community by mafia-like enterprises run by Andriotis and others…

August 11, 2020,


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