EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): A good friend forwarded these very interesting photos, showing how the United States and the World dealt with the fierce “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918…  Our friend underlined that we are experiencing “nothing new”  and we should not be surprised…  Yes, the photos show a lot of similarities… But at the center of what we experienced was the “total lockdown” of whole countries – and this was certainly a novel approach to controlling an infectious disease. 
Humanity knew of the concept of “quarantine” (coming from the Latin for the number “forty”) since antiquity and was certainly familiar since the medieval times with imposing it on coastal cities – obviously more prone to spreading diseases… But such indiscriminate “total lockdown” was not part of the human experience and it is not justified by the huge advances in medicine through the centuries… It should never have been imposed, in my humble opinion… Total lockdowns should have been avoided, if those in charge of public health (CDC, NIH, FDA etc) were simply performing their assigned duties – instead of being “on the take” from Pharmaceutical and other lobbies…  To not have an emergency supply of masks and other PPEs for a country like the United States is criminal negligence.  To not have appropriate “plans of action” in cases of a pandemic – other that the stupidly rudimentary and unnecessary “total lockdown” is beyond criminal… In our case, the negligence and criminality was coupled with a very loudly pronounced political goal, the goal to overthrow a duly elected president… The culprits failed for one more time…   


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