By Nick Stamatakis

It has become a familiar scene watching AB Elpidophoros make one mistake after the other, week after week… He started well before his enthronement – and that’s why I then took the liberty to call him “Elpidoktonos” (Hope-Killer)… The latest episode of his string of failures was almost announced by himself, with the unfitting political tone of his “blessing” at the Democratic National Convention… It was clear to all of us listening that a decision was made at the “inner circle” (meaning: mostly Karloutsos), that this year our Archbishop should side with the Democrats… And so he did. He did not appear at the Republican Convention giving the lamest of all lame excuses: “He was invited, but he was away at Istanbul…” (reported here by As if we did not know that his appearance with the Democrats was pre-recorded… As if we did not see that Cardinal Dolan’s appearance with the Republicans was also pre-recorded… Were all modern recording devices in Istanbul broken last week?

As for the “he was invited” part, let me have some reservations… I truly doubt that he was ever invited… If he was, then the invitation makes his mistake even more grave.  Here are the many reasons why:

  1. If you are the religious leader of any denomination and you fail to respond to an invitation to appear at ANY national forum you are at the least negligent.  Let me be cynical here: Even if it was the National Association of …Money-Launderers who would invite Elpidophoros, he should definitely go… And share with them the many similar experiences that came to his attention in his first year on the job at GOA…
  2. Elpidophoros’ absence from the Republican Convention broke a 4-decade old tradition started by Iakovos.  What right did he have to break such a powerful tradition? His predecessor, AB Demetrios, spoke at both conventions in 2016, keeping at least an equal distance from both parties.
  3.  From a theological/dogmatic standpoint, his appearance at the RNC would be much more significant, as the Republican party incorporates and supports ideas that are central to our faith, such as the sanctity of life.  By blessing the Democrat party, the party of “baby-killers” like Cuomo and others, in essence he betrayed our Faith.  But he had betrayed our faith long ago, when he participated in a walk with the criminals of Black Lives Matter…
  4. The negative impact of Elpidophoros’ failure looms even worse, considering the total collapse of support for Biden the last few days.  Is this how he plans to play the role of the “leader of the Greek lobby”, as he himself proclaimed a few weeks ago? By not appearing where the power of the U.S. government will likely be for the next four years?
  5. But the most serious effect of his absence has to do with his breakup with the faithful one more time… It is common knowledge that the Greek-Americans voted for Trump in overwhelming numbers, many say over 80%.  And it is certain that, as a community, we share conservative values… We are mostly entrepreneurial and professionals, which means that we cannot fit in a “government first” and “taxation first” Democrat Party…. And from a moral standpoint we especially despise “baby killers”…

How many more times does AB Elpidophoros think that he can break ranks with the faithful before he will be no longer welcome in America?

August 31, 2020,


  1. Unfortunately, the real problems we face aren’t administrative (though I’m sure those exist too) but spiritual. Not just at Goarch but the Phanar many long ago became politicians in cassocks (thankfully with a few exceptions like Isaiah of Denver). They only care about two things: Hellenic supremacy in the Orthodox Church, and money/influence — not necessarily in that order. That means kissing up to power. Worse, from the perspective of that incestuous little circle in NYC, power = Democrats. I’m not saying fawning over the GOP (fat chance) would be good, but at least it wouldn’t involve embracing demonic bolsheviks. I’d like to think the Archbishop is just an innocent foreigner led astray by the archdiocesan bureaucrats but I suspect that’s only part of the story. Sadly, too many people in his flock, particularly in Blue cities, are perfectly happy with this. Even good, pious believing and practicing people we all know are totally schizophrenic when it comes to their genuine Christian faith and how it relates to morality and politics. My faith tells me that the Orthodox Church cannot be subverted by the pathologies that have destroyed the western denominations, and I hold to that, but just think how much damage these people are doing to countless precious souls, as well as to the world’s perception of our Church and Orthodox witness in an increasingly pagan society crying out for genuine Christianity. It makes me heartsick.

  2. Maybe, as I suspect, he wasn’t invited. Or, if he was, was not offered a primo slot like Cardinal Dolan’s. Remember, to what criticism would the Republicans then be open ?


    Thankfully, the planners understood that optic. Thumbs down, hombre. Why should an Erdogan Turk exercise any authority in an American church or American political convention ? Not even David Copperfield Karloutsos could master that illusion. Donald Trump doesn’t need Elpistanbul and neither do we.

  3. Up until AB marched the Marxist march… so many of us gave him a great big benefit of the doubt… we made excuses; he’s not from here- he’ll learn our ways– then pow! He marches and cities explode… and he doesn’t fess up to denounce the violence…. so yes— why an invite?– when we have Cardinal Dolan who defends and protects the lives of the unborn and the born….

  4. Via a spokesman, the GoArch now says the Archbishop WAS invited to address the RNC as well but declined because he was at the Phanar. This “explanation” makes no sense, as his DNC blessing was virtual (which, per @American, was also not “primo” like Cardinal Dolan’s at RNC; at DNC the Archbishop’s RC “counterparts” were the horrible Fr. James Martin SJ and Sr. Simone Campbell of radical NETWORK) The issue of “bipartisanship” at RNC misses the point however. In my opinion, he should not have addressed DNC under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, whether or not he had spoken at the RNC The GOP is bad, but the Dems are now the satanic party of abortion (including post birth), LGBT (and indoctrinating kids in schools), riot, arson & murder. The only appropriate address would be an anathema, not a blessing.

  5. Big mistake that Elpidoforos didn’t attend the PATRIOTIC-FAITHFULL republican convention!
    TRUMP is the only obstacle against GLOBALISTS who want to abolish freedom,family,property !
    REGISTER as ELECTION OFFICIAL! Mobilize fellow Greek patriots!
    The Democrats will fraud the election !
    Check also out this :

  6. How long will it take for the Greek Orthodox faithful in America to realize that the “Emperor’s New Clothes” in every reality do not exist.
    Archbishop Elpidoforos my preen an strut about from one place to another solely so as to give the general impression that he is “working” and executing pastoral visits, all the while neglecting his administrative duties and responsibilities from within the confines of his New York office
    This i surmise is left to the attention of the Vicar General ( who is up in age and should be retired) and the underlings of the GOA ( who don’t know which way is up).
    All the while the archbishop is on his public relations “goodwill tour” .
    With the existing technologies that exist today, I dont know why it’s at all necessary for the Archbishop to have to fly from NYC to Istanbul ( with entourage) when be can instantly zoom with the Phanar, and save all those $$$ dollars $$$ to be pjt to begter use witbin tbe mi istrirs of the GOA.
    This is a negative optic to the Greek Orthodox community who is struggling especially so since the COVID pandemic – financially and otherwise.
    I would much like to see the Archbishop visit those who are sick in hospitals, visit the elderly in nursing homes ( St
    Michaels, Yonkers N.Y., for instance) or pay an impromput vist to any ordinary Greek Orthodox household with a basket of food.
    Look to St Basil the Great, to St Nicholas and other saints par excellence for direction.
    However, it seems Archbishop Elpidophoros is no Princess Diana – only a Sleeping Beauty.
    His concerns are evidentally obvious now, that he cannot be bothered with ” oi polloi”,
    only with Archons, that can provide him support on his own personal ministry, whatever that may be at the present time, (and also in the near future).
    Archbishop Elpidopboros should be made aware that politics and religion do not mix
    (in America).
    His recently taking a political stance, exhibits his ineptness and nonchalance,
    Moreso, it shows that he is being manipulated by others within the GOA, and he is merely a puppet figure.
    If you are invited to speak at the DNC and the RNC – fine; however not the one and not the other. Otherwise, politely refrain from going at all
    If you do decide to attend, then keep the tone of your speech generic and apolitical.
    The possility of a specific Archon contemplating running for office in NYC
    ( who just happens to be a Democrat) quickly comes to mind.
    The old addage of, “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” holds true.
    The participation of Archbishop Elpidophoros, marching, hand- in-hand with the BLM movement was a very big mistake!
    If the GOA had a deja vue moment of Archbishop Iakovos marching with Dr Martin Luther King and making the front cover of LOOK Magazine – that was then, this is now …two separate entities.
    I’d like to see Archbishop Elpidophoros in either clerical or civilian dress, walk down 125th Street in Harlem NY at 9pm, then let’s talk about it!
    It must be that his television viewing of the News is on tbe Nickelodeon channel.
    In any other capacity, if a CEO or a company president did not and could not perform the duties and responsibilities of his office, he would,, without any hesitation be shown the Exit door.
    The door is now wide open.
    In this case it is of equal importance that

  7. Very pathetic. I consider my self Christian and no longer Greek Orthodox and neither of my sons as this archbishop has denigrated the church by supporting Biden and the Democrats and therefore the DNC platform which allows abortion up to 9th month, gay marriage and so on. He also was pro BLM as I recall Jesus says all lives matter. I have rescinded all monetary offerings to this corrupt entity.

  8. Hi John Triantafyllos, please pray for my husband because he is currently Greek Orthodox. I am not orthodox. I am a believer in Christ and I am praying for God Almighty to open his eyes especially in these times. We must read the word of God and obey God before man. Man will only lead us astray but God is our true shepherd as it says in Ezekiel 34:11-31 nkjv or kjv may be better.


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