EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): In one of the best pieces in Rush Limbaugh’s long career, he explains why the Democrats suddenly, a few days after the Republican Convention, feel the ground shaking beneath their feet… Just a look at their long faces will convince you that they have lost the race already. And it’s only the last day in August!  God knows what tricks they will pull out of what hat before November 3rd!..   But it looks like they have fallen into the pit they dug fro Trump…

BY RUSH LIMBAUGH (Rushlimbaugh.com)

RUSH: I got an email, a number of them. “Rush, you keep mentioning, you mentioned on Friday, you mentioned it today, the internal polling must be really bad, the Biden, Kamala Harris internal polling must be really bad.” And this is why all of a sudden they’ve started mentioning the violence and the looting and the rioting in Portland. And you could see it coming yesterday as they, en masse, try to blame Trump for it. And they said, “Well, what do you mean internal polling?”

Well, every campaign hires its own pollster, sometimes many of them. And they go out and they poll. And they poll any number of things. They poll the race; they poll precincts; they poll battleground states, battleground areas within states. But the one thing these polls don’t do is lie. Now, the polls that you and I see that are published from any number of different places, we don’t know how honest they are. We have doubts about them because we know that their usage is intended to shape public opinion rather than reflect it.

In fact, it’s fascinating to go back and compare the polls today with exactly four years ago with Hillary. It’s amazing how close and similar they are. And yet we all that know Trump won, and in the Electoral College, won big. But the internal polls do not lie. They can’t. The customer must be told the truth about it. Otherwise nobody’s gonna hire the polling unit.

But what told me that the internal polls must have changed radically was four different things. Actually, five. Hillary Clinton, out of the blue, urges Plugs (nickname for Biden) never to concede, no matter what Plugs, never concede, never, ever concede. Now, everybody thought that she was simply trying to share her own experience and saying that she should have not conceded, but she had no prayer. But that’s not what she’s actually suggesting. She’s not suggesting that she should have not conceded.

She’s telling Biden not to concede because the polls have taken a dramatic turn for the worst. Why even talk about conceding when prior to this they had Plugs winning by 12, by 10, by eight, depending on what state you went to. Now all of a sudden Hillary is telling him never concede. And then Pelosi — I love this. I mentioned this in the show open on Friday. I was one of few voices alluding to the fact that the Democrats were going to have to find a way to renege on the debates. People laughed at me and they pooh-poohed this.

People on the blogs, people on websites, people in the Drive-By Media laughed and said that I was just trying to stir things up, that there have to be debates, there will be debates, it’s a fait accompli. And, of course, I, using intelligence guided by experience, look at Plugs Biden as incapable of doing one debate. The risk is palpable for his handlers, and they know it. So I stood by my claim that they were going to have to find a way to renege.

And then out of the blue here comes Pelosi, without even talking to the Biden campaign. And she said late last week that she doesn’t think there should be any debates. You know why? Because Trump hasn’t done anything to deserve them, that Biden should not even legitimize Trump by sitting there and having a debate.

So the challenger, the guy who has never won the presidency in his life, he should not legitimize the duly elected president of the United States? Well, that’s what Pelosi said. (imitating Pelosi) “I just don’t think he should legitimize. It would not be a legitimate conversation. I don’t think there should be any debates.” And didn’t tell Plugs about it. And that’s fascinating too.

You know, Trump’s out there saying that Plugs is a Trojan horse candidate, and that’s just another way of saying what I have been speculating, who’s really running this show, who’s really the wizard behind the scenes here, the man behind the curtain or people behind the curtain. But for Pelosi to do that followed after Hillary says never concede, that just told me, folks, the internal polling data has turned and turned badly for Plugs.

And then Don Lemon on CNN — you’ve all seen this by now — he’s sitting there, he’s talking to Fredo Cuomo, and he says — this is late last week, too — he says (imitating Lemon), “Well, the rioting has to stop. This stuff, Fredo, has to stop. The focus groups are in. The polling data is in. This stuff has to stop.” You know what I found amazing about that? Don Lemon knows they’re in charge of it. Don Lemon knows that he and the media and the Democrats, barely indistinguishable, are responsible for all of this rioting.

It is their plan. This is what I mentioned earlier. This is part of the agenda, and they are actually putting it out for everybody to see. Now it’s starting to backfire. Now the Democrats are being blamed for it even though the Democrat media never once televised any of it. They tried to hide it. Whatever news of it got out, they wanted people to try to believe it was Trump’s fault and responsibility. But the focus groups and the polling data suggested, nope, the Democrats are starting to get blamed.

So Don Lemon says we have to stop the rioting. The rioting has to stop. A guy in the news media, a guy on CNN, “The rioting has to stop.” Spoken by somebody who acts like, sounds like he’s in charge of it. I’m not saying he is, but in his mind there isn’t any difference in the Democrats in the media and the Democrats in the Biden campaign.

And then something I called everybody’s attention to during the Democrat convention, remember Michelle Obama urging everybody to get out there and vote? Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote. Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote. I said, “Whoa, what is this?” Plugs is up by 10, he’s up by 12, he’s up by eight, and she made it sound like they are scared to death.

By the way, let me just tell you something, folks, a little aside here. For those of you worried about Democrats cheating — oh. Has anybody seen news about the post office lately? What happened to that news? What happened to the post office? It kind of went by the wayside out there, didn’t it? What happened to the post office news? What happened to mail-in voting? Here. Let me tell you something, folks.

If you are concerned that the Democrats are gonna cheat and that they’re gonna engage in fraud, you know what the simple best retort to it is? You know what the simple best countermeasure is? Election Day, flood the zone. Show up. I’m talking about you who are going to vote Republican or are gonna vote Trump. Show up on Election Day. Simply just smother the polling places.

If you want to vote early, go ahead. If you want to engage in absentee balloting if you have to, fine. But I’m just saying that showing up on Election Day and swamping polling places — and I don’t mean illegally. I’m not saying vote four different places. Just show up, just every one of you show up and vote and do it on Election Day, and you will shock. The exit polls, they won’t know what to do, they won’t know what to do with turnout.

They think they’re gonna win the turnout race every year because for some reason the first time ever Millennials are gonna show up in numbers never seen before. It isn’t gonna happen this year like it didn’t happen four years ago. The youth vote never shows up like the Democrats hope and pray and believe. But if you, if we flood polling places on actual Election Day, there’s nothing they’re gonna be able to do. Plus it creates the mandate.

Now, the fifth thing that happened, the betting, the betting odds. If you look at the –forget polls — you look at how people are betting, you could theoretically say, well, that matters because these are people trying to profit from this. These are people trying to make money with their belief of who’s gonna win, they’re putting money behind it. And if you look at the betting odds on the Real Clear Politics page, you will find that Biden has had a precipitous, radical drop in support from just a week or two ago.

Now, bettors, people that bet on this stuff, they’re like internal pollsters. They don’t lie because they’re concerned with profits. These people are not really concerned about getting anybody elected. The people putting money behind this, the people who play the betting markets, they’re literally doing it for money.

So those are five things that happened during the last week that tell me that the ground has shifted dramatically underneath the Democrat Party in ways they stupidly have not been preparing themselves for because of their arrogance and their belief and their own intellectual superiority.


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