By Nick Stamatakis

With great surprise we noticed that a certain “celebrity” was missing from the 9/11 anniversary/memorial in Ground Zero, the GOA Vicar General Karloutsos… In the widely seen photo of the memorial service outside St.Nicholas he was nowhere to be found….

What had happened? Our first thought was that he would accompany his old friend, senile Joe Biden, nearby… He is known to be fundraising for him 24/7… But a search in the news and social media produced zero evidence of such a thing…  How come such a PR expert like Karloutsos, who very carefully planned, weeks in advance, every step and every aspect of his public appearances was suddenly out of sight?  His general policy for years was to keep a low profile – and it paid well… But when he appeared in public it was orchestrated to the last iota… A 9/11 event at Ground Zero was the kind of thing he would NEVER miss…  Just a few nights before, he and his “koumbaro”, John Catsimatidis, were celebrating in the Hamptons (it was Cats’ 72nd birthday and Karloutsos’ 50 years of “service” in the Church)… TNH reported high spirits and keeping the (now very “kitsch”) Greek tradition of braking plates…  But the photo from the Hamptons’ party told a different story…

Some “unhinged” tongues are spreading rumors that Karloutsos, in view of the continuing federal investigations (which at any given moment may focus on his actions as the Feds have a load of evidence – including bank records, credit card records and other money transactions –  not to mention Jerry Demetriou’s testimony), is rather “depressed”… It may have finally dawned on him that there is an end somewhere… What is the use of issuing a whole directive – as he did in May – on term/service limits, at the age of 75, if such term limits do not apply to him?  Or he finally realized that his presence is damaging in many ways?

It may have also dawned on him that his delusional dream of being present as a “master of ceremonies” at the opening of St.Nicholas at Ground Zero, the same delusional dream he competitively shared with former AB Demetrios, may not transpire after all… We have all seen, time and again, the “Curse of St.Nicholas” come down as a lightning bolt on all those who abused and desecrated His blessed name for personal profit and earthly glory… And His holy memory, a memory of love, charity, humility… And His example, the personification of anonymity, the eternal example of selflessness..

Yes, they have all underestimated the “Curse of St. Nicholas”… And St.Nicholas, we have grounds to believe, is not yet finished…

September 18, 2020,



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