PHOTO: One of the countless “embraces” between the Karloutsos “Corruption Duo” and Joe Biden… Sharing some very happy times in the Hamptons…

By Nick Stamatakis

Helleniscope readers already know my sensitivity when it comes to “Conflicts of Interest” in our Church… I have to admit that I was quite happy last May, when finally, after two full years of writing almost weekly about the issue (a very lonely voice in the Greek American community) and focusing on extreme violations in the St.Demetrios of Astoria parish, the Archdiocese, obviously under heavy pressure in the midst of federal investigations, sent a letter to the Parish Priest demanding corrective action…

So when I yesterday heard Joe Biden claim that “there was no conflict of interest in his son’s Hunter’s employment by the Ukrainian Gas Company Burisma, I laughed… The Democrat candidate for President was responding to questions about the Senate investigation on the issue (full report form the NY Post here – most of the main stream media ignored the issue). Here is the short video:

Consider this: You are Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States in the Obama administration, and you have been in charge of the Ukraine policy.  You have visited Ukraine many times, and in one occasion you publicly bragged about forcing the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma, the company that has your son, Hunter, on its board with a salary of $50,000 per month for a few years (here is the famous bragging video).  How could you with a straight face deny conflict of interest?

The same with the Bidens’ relationship with China.  You, VP Joe Biden, make an official visit to China using Air Force Two, accompanied by your son, Hunter, where you meet with the Chinese President Xi and all the dignitaries.  A couple of days after you return to Washington DC, the Bank of China (known to be completely controlled by the Communist Party of China), makes a $1.5 billion (yes, billion with a “B”) “investment” in the “private equity firm” where Hunter Biden is partners with John Kerry’s son and other swamp privileged do-nothing boys…

Well it seems that these “privileged sons” keep good company together… How do we know? One of them, Mike (aka “Fredo”) Karloutsos, whose notable Dad is the hidden Archbishop of the GOA and the true decision-maker, felt very sorry for his “good friend” and reposted on Twitter Naomi Biden’s “supportive narrative” for her father, Hunter….

Here is What Naomi Biden writes about her Dad and Mike Karloutsos reposts about “his friend” Hunter:  “Though the whole world knows his name nobody knows who he truly is… Here is a thread on my dad, Hunter Biden – free of charge to the taxpayers… And free of the corrosive influence of power-at-all-costs-politics… The truth of a man filled with love, integrity and human struggles…”  

Thankfully “Fredo” admits indirectly in his post that “Hunter” is a “sinner”, referring to the Biblical phrase “he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone”… Yes, Fredo, we are all sinners… But some among us, notably you and Hunter, belong to higher category… You exploited everybody’s trust, the public’s trust, for your own enrichment… You and Hunter, are both privileged sons… Without your fathers’ help both of you would not be able to get a job anywhere… Maybe as waiters at a bar – and even that is questionable… You are both under investigation (See here our recent piece on the latest of Mike’s “sins” his involvement in the “Greek Pot Scam”)… What exactly are you supporting your friend for?  At least John Kerry’s son, when he realized the trouble, he cut business ties with Hunter Biden, at the “private equity frim” they shared.  What are you supporting him for?

Maybe there is another logical “reason” for your support, and that maybe your “family businesses” in the Ukraine… Is it far-fetched to imagine that “Dad” Karloutsos, known to be very close to Jeffrey Pyatt (now US ambassador in Athens but a few years ago ambassador in Kiev and chief “intelligence operative” in Maidan square – and everywhere else), had a lot to do in planning Ukraine’s break-up with “evil” Russia? Is it too far-fetched to believe that your two families worked closely together in the Ukraine, each promoting first your personal interests and then the “deep state” plans?  Including the plot to give ecclesiastical Autocephaly (now turned to “Cacocephaly”) to the 25% of the Ukrainian Orthodox?

But for this and more about Karloutsos, Biden and Ukraine we will have to return soon… Stay tuned…

September 24, 2020,


  1. Fredo’s Tweets are pathetic. Before he quotes Scripture, he needs to repent for his action and then ask forgiveness from the whole archdiocese.

    Biden is pathetic too (both of them). The old man just wants Alex as his ornamental Eastern “chaplain” and the younger man is just a screwed up grifter.


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