By Nick Stamatakis

We are entering a week where the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the Senate is bound to “suck the air out” of any other campaign message or activity, just about 20 days from the November 3rd vote. As in 2016, when Donald Trump made his choices for Supreme Court Justices the centerpiece of his campaign and just as in 2018, when the popular disgust for the way the Democrats had treated Judge Brett Kavanaugh lead to their losing seats in the Senate, the Senate hearings on Judge Barrett are certain to create a wave of support for the President’s re-election as well as for Senate Republican candidates.  In addition to this momentous event we have been monitoring many other trends in this pre-election period which certainly show that Trump’s re-election is all but certain:

  • It is the economy stupid! In a Gallup poll, 56% of Americans rate their financial situation as excellent or good, among other mostly positive views.  In related news, Moody’s says that if the economy holds Trump will sail to an easy win.
  • There is no way to underestimate the enthusiasm gap between the two campaigns. The Biden campaign may have spent three times as much money, but the Trump campaign has knocked on twenty times as many doors…  The effect of knocking on doors was so intensely felt that the Democrats belatedly decided to use the same tactic and started knocking on doors also. It takes a lot of volunteers to do it: the Trump campaign has ample help from tens of thousands of volunteers… If we also consider countless boat parades and other similar events, among which a Hollywood Trump rally in California recently, then what has been happening for many months is the turn of a silent majority into a very vocal one
  • The unreliability of standard polls is well known since 2016 and it is very much the same today.  In addition to skewed polling samples (where democrats are over-represented), many Americans are afraid to say they will vote for Trump.  Miraculously, when asked who do they think their neighbors will vote for, then Trump comes first with a safe margin!!
  • But the most incredible statistic came from the internal polls of the Trump campaign: 30% of participants in Trump rallies have never voted before… This is a tremendous sign of popular support that will directly affect voter turnout on November 3rd. In related news, NBC reported that Trump is winning the registration battle in key States
  • This year alone 19,000,000 guns were sold in this country.  Who do you think these people will vote for? Certainly not for the party who will take their guns away while allowing looting and Antifa thugs to dominate American cities…
  • The Democrats can kiss the dominance over the Hispanic vote good-bye: In a long list of related good news, Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vasquez Garced Endorsed Trump!! The Governor arrived in Central Florida last week (home to tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans) and praised Trump’s help to Puerto Rico. In 2016 Trump received about 28% of the Hispanic vote, while in the upcoming elections most polls have him at over 39%…
  • The same is true for the Black vote: In 2016 Trump received only 9% of the Black vote, while current polls expect him to raise this percentage to at least 20%! The list of news for the growing Trump support among African Americans is as long as the list of the real measures the Trump administration took to support them!… From prison reform to SBA loans which lead to a quadrupling of Black entrepreneurship and from school choice (charter schools) to the inner city initiatives, no other president has done more for them…
  • You can add to the above several stumbles by Democrat governors and Senate candidates: An extramarital affair upends the Democrat’s Cal Cunnigham’s senate race in N.CarolinaAccording to new polls, republican Tom Tillis is now ahead… Crazy Leftist Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer insists on lockdown even after the State’s Supreme Court decided against her!! As we have said so many times, the Left is once again exhibiting their well-proven skills in self-destruction…
  • This brings us to the #1 reason for the upcoming Trump victory – the most basic of all lessons in politics. This is politics 101: If you want to win general elections you have to move to the center. Nobody has practiced this lesson better than Bill Clinton – who tried in vain to talk Hillary out of her loony-left ideas in 2016. Four years later, the Democrats have moved even further left than 2016, and, thank God, they are heading for a huge defeat…

October 11, 2020,


  1. Greek channels SKAI,OPEN,ALPHA mock trump every day ! They are worse than the fake news CNN etc.
    They want us the Greeks to vote for Biden! But we know better than anyone that Trump is a patriot and fights the Globalist forces who want to destroy NATION-STATES ! We the Greeks were always patriots , so we will vote for a patriot !
    TRUMP 2020!


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