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Fr. Ed Meeks: The Democrats Are Against Our Church’s Fundamental Principles!


EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): In this 25′ homily, Father Edward Meeks of Towson, Maryland, who is by no means an extremist, states in very simple terms the choice we all Christians are faced with before this historic Nov. 3rd vote: We are concerned by the deep division of our nation BUT we cannot stay “neutral” because our fundamental principles are at risk. Three are the most basic of these principles: The sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, and the preservation of religious freedom. Joe Biden and the Democrats threaten all three of these principles in so many ways. Why is it so difficult for AB Elpidophoros and our clergy to make a similar statement? On what basis does he plan to unite with the Catholic Church if not on the basis of 2,000yr-old Christian principles?

It’s worth every second of your time…


  1. Democrats fight the concept of GOOD! The elites that control them are Corrupt and EVIL and want to make us corrupt too !!! They want to totally destroy the Orthodox dogmas of religion and create a ONE WORLD PAGAN RELIGION – GAIA ! That’s why the POPE is always talking about ecology and earth(gaia). This election is the most important in modern history! We must choose if NATION-STATES will prevail or else GLOBALISM and Communism will forced to our lifes! GOD BLESS THE PATRIOTS !

  2. This Priest has quite an affect on me– if I lived in Towson, I’d be there every Sunday! Now I’m starting to think the Catholics have an orthodox wing, and that they’ll be the ones speaking out if the uncle joe/ soros wing take over both country and churches alike….

  3. Jesus taught us to help the poor, the immigrant, feeding the hungry, caring about people! Pro-life for all! PS. Why was Hebrews 4:13 taken out of the lectionary?

  4. The speaker has a very narrow view of what constitutes sanctity of life. He discards environmental and immigration issues and ignores civil rights entirely, as if these issues are not intertwined with sanctity of life. For a family facing immense poverty and violence, immigration is about life. For costal communities or island communities, environmental degradation can lead to devastating loss of life. Criminal justice system abuses and systematic racism, which were completely ignored, has caused generations to be stuck in poverty. These need to be considered as integral to the sanctity of life, not disregarded as secondary or tertiary issues.

    • If this is the case, why don’t you pose the same question to the liberal side and ask them to include in their agenda the protection of the rights of the unborn babies and also to screen all immigrants at our order in order protect lawful US citizens of the criminal behavior of some among them? If your view is “wide” and not “narrow”, then accept these issues and put them front and center alongside the ones you care about. I am anxiously awaiting your response…

    • One must be alive to worry about civil rights. The murdered babies would be blessed just to be alive and have the chance to join the fight for all the other rights.

    • So, let me get this straight. You think the sanctity of life, as reflected in our immigration policies is as important a topic as late term abortion. You may be right. But where do you think those immigration policies came from? Do you believe they are Donald Trump’s doing? Or do you think they are the labyrinthine laws which have been created by established politicians over the last 75 years? Have you seen the complex flow chart which describes the path which must, by law, be taken by anyone who wants to be a US citizen? Donald Trump did not do this. Career politicians did. Donal Trump’s crime is that he is trying to enforce those laws for the people who voted him into the white house.

      Let me ask you a question. Suppose you wake up some morning and there are 85 homeless US citizens on your front lawn and they want to enter your house and have you cook them some breakfast. Where will your “humanity” be?

    • There is no “separation of church and state.” The constitution prohibits the government from establishing or restricting religious worship and activities. It does not prevent the church from being active in civic life. We have an obligation to do so.

  5. I am a Staunch Catholic I do not believe in abortion. I will vote for Joe Biden talk about morals and standards Let me think if I’m correct the current so-called president of United States has been married not once not twice but three times he has cheated on each of his spouses plus other sexual acts to And with other women he has degraded our veterans living and dead Degrades the disabled he calls women filthy names I could go on and on. Clean up the Catholic Church Before you want to clean Joe Biden’s house And I tell you this as far as abortions As I stated before I am against Abortion when I die God isn’t going to question me about someone else’s sins I have to answer to God for my sins not someone else’s, Just as Joe Biden and anyone else will have to answer to God.

    • What the priest says here that is important to listen to is that some issues are more important than others. Yes Trump can be vulgar but abortion is the most devastating issue impacting out country.

  6. Final critique nails it:
    On the video, the congregation erupts into thunderous applause after this line. I tend to not like applause at Mass, especially if it is not intended for worship, but it is funny to me how this secular clapping performatively certifies that this so-called “homily” is, in fact, a premeditated partisan political speech, made to order for media promotion, masquerading as a Sunday homily. Fr. Meeks disgracefully turned his parish’s celebration of the Mass into a Trump rally in violation of canon and civic law of his Church and State.
    I am a Staunch Catholic I do not believe in abortion.

  7. You always can tell the lefties. They immediately deflect to another issue, get nasty and call names, then somehow blame Donald Trump. Previously they blamed Bush. Donald Trump is the first President since Reagan who is really truthful about who he is and what he is about. Then he takes action and fulfills his word. This is called integrity. Joe Biden and the Democrats, on the other hand, consistently try to present themselves as something they are not. They run away from themselves during elections and misrepresent others as “extreme.” For the last 5 years they have accused President Trump of what they actually have themselves done. Think Russian meddling in the election, Hillary and Joe. They cannot win their positions at the ballot box by being honest about what they are trying to do. That’s why they call abortion “women’s health.” They insist on being called pro “choice” but really it is “choose abortion.” Disagreeing with the left brings a diatribe of name calling. Disagreeing with the left is “intolerant” or homophobic or narcissistic or racist. Bi-partisan means the Republicans have to cave. I’m with Fr. Meeks. Enough is really more than enough.

  8. Jill Biden’s husband has stated publicly that his wife and Joe were involved in an adulterous affair while he was still married to her (apparently, he found out when Biden refused to pay for a car accident he had with this fellow’s car and the other fellow wanted the money). There is zero proof to indicate President Trump disparaged military veterans: this is clearly FAKE NEWS. This accusation is straight out of the Chinese supported media which still refuses to report on the fate of Muslims in China and rarely covers people who are assaulted by Biden voters when they demonstrate a politically incorrect demeanor. Father Meeks is correct in his analysis of the Biden campaign and of Biden’s campaign. This fellow is a pure and demented pagan Should a Roman Catholic vote for him they are markedly increasing their chances of going to Hell.

  9. You are absolutely correct..I have asked many times in different forums for those who oppose abortion if any of them would be willing to Clothe,Feed,Educate
    Any one of these babies. I have yet to get a response. I think if you don’t have a Uterus you are NOT entitled to tell a woman what she should do w hers.

  10. Pat–we do– one way or another-through faith-based means or through our taxes….you are outnumbered here on this forum…..we do not support socialism.. PERIOD.


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