By Alex Aliferis


Greek Intelligence is arresting and investigating foreign NGOs connected to the illegal human trafficking of Muslims into Europe via Greece from Turkey.

In early 2020, the Greek military took control to repel the Muslim invasion of Greece in Greek Thraki (Evros) and the Aegean Sea near Turkey. Then, Greek Police have been arresting George Soros funded ANTIFA domestic Communist terrorists across Greece. Now, the Greek Intelligence Agency has been arresting and investigating all NGOs and operatives inside Greece.

According to Infowars Europea total of 35 foreign nationals, including 33 people working for NGOs, were rounded up as part of an extensive investigation conducted by Greek intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies.

The suspects face a variety of criminal charges, including espionage, forming and joining a criminal organization, violating state secrets, and violating the immigration code, Greek police agency ELAS said in a statement.

Four NGOs – based mostly outside of Greece – have been named by authorities: Watch the Med, Mare Liberum, Sea Watch, and FFMEV.

After the initial 33 arrests of foreign operatives in Greece, the probe widens to additional NGOs who coordinated the mass invasion of Greece and Europe with millions of illegal Muslims. There are 313 NGOs operating in Greece. It’s a matter of time before each one of them is taken out of operation in Greece for illegal human trafficking and other crimes.

In 2015, the George Soros Puppet named Alexis Tsipras gained power in Greece. SYRIZA opened Greece’s border to the mass human trafficking of illegal Muslims into Christian Europe. Tsipras suspended the enforcement of borders. He tied the hands of the Greek Police and Military. The Greek American Democrat Establishment Elite tied to New York Hedge Fund guy Stylianos Zavvos and his buddy, George Soros opened NGOs in Greece.

In November 2009, George Soros and Stylianos Zavvos held a meeting in Athens with Kyriacos Mitsotakis, Alexi Tsipras, and other Greek elites. It was at a time when the Soros destabilization of the Kosta Karamanlis government was ongoing. It’s odd how they sparked it with a police shooting death of a Greek Communist teenager and Greek ANTIFA?

All of a sudden, the Soros puppets of Mitsotakis and Tsipras were elected years later in Greece?

There will be more to come as the arrests widen across Greece on these 313 NGOs.

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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