By Nick Stamatakis

“You know Joe, I ran because of you,” Trump said yesterday in the final debate ahead of the Nov. 3 election. “I ran because of Barack Obama because you did a poor job. If I thought you did a good job I would have never run.” In this remarkable line, Trump encapsulated the meaning of his presidency and gave the voters the number one reason why they should re-elect him. He reminded everyone what it really means to be an outsider in DC, a businessman, someone who spent his life achieving goals; he reminded everyone how important it is to have such a person at the helm of the country.  And he invoked a clear comparison with “swamp creatures” like Biden, who in five decades of a political career achieved nothing remarkable for the country and its people (but enriched himself instead) and has the gall to stand in front us at age 78 – a frail, lifeless, moribund human being – and claim that “he has specific plans for the future…”

Greek-Americans like most Americans love this country and believe deeply in the freedoms the American Constitution bestows upon all of us. We believe in freedom and we love freedom more than any other group of people.  We fought for freedom throughout our 3,000 years of a written history of our ancestral homeland, Greece, and we gave our blood for freedom in more wars against barbarians than any other nation on Earth! We sailed on our boats pursuing freedom all over the world, to the wide horizon of “the wine-blue sea, talking to people whose tongues we did not understand…”, in Homer’s famous line. Those of us who settled on the shores of America during the last few centuries found themselves naturally in complete accordance with the principles which led to the foundation of this wonderful country by the American Revolution… We are defined by our freedom-loving entrepreneurial spirit and we are not at all inclined to consider any socialist-leaning messages, any “statist ideology”, no matter how they are presented.  We were the ones who are rightfully credited for founding the Western Civilization on the basis of our reverence of individual liberties; we are not about to betray our history and our identity now by voting for a puppet of the extreme, globalist Left, Joe Biden…

Who believes in Joe Biden and who supports him in our community? Corruption breeds corruption, corruption befriends corruption: Helleniscope has repeatedly shown that the corrupt so-called “leaders” of our Church and community, along with our corrupt media, are the ones who support the globalist agenda of the Left and have been supporting Joe Biden.  We have shown that Karloutsos and family are totally in support of Biden, have been cooperating with him in playing the – disastrous for Orthodoxy – “Autocephaly” turned “Cacocephaly” game in Ukraine and they are fundraising for him 24/7! They are even part of his “Beau Biden Foundation” (presvytera Xanthi Karloutsos is)!  Our corrupt “lobbyist” groups in DC, the useless people who have achieved next to nothing in any of our major political goals, are part of the “swamp” and are hell-bent to perpetuate their own livelihood by electing one of their own “swamp swimmers”, Biden… They promote the “friend of Greece” Biden and they ignore the fact that it was Biden’s plans to offer Erdogan and Turkey a gas pipeline through Cyprus (in one of the most popular ever Helleniscope’s posts)!!

By the way, these are the same religious leaders that refuse to say a “pip” against the democrat support of abortion and consider their friends “baby-killer” politicians like Cuomo!

Our mainstream Greek-American media are either in the pocket of the same corruption cabal or blinded by their leftism! They try to justify their support of Biden by lying for years to all of us about the supposed anti-Greek corruption of the “politics of the two sons-in-law”, Trump’s and Erdogan’s.  But when, a few weeks ago, Trump’s son-in-law achieved a major victory in the Arab-Israeli peace process they were numb, paralyzed! This victory was seen by all experts as “the most anti-Turkish act of the last three decades”!! Erdogan and Cavusoglu were screaming against Abu Dhabi and Israel for days!! But these so-called “journalists” were unable to analyze the obvious: That America and Greece, as naval powers with global reach, are natural allies and it is up to the Greek leadership to pursue the full advantages of this natural alliance, instead of the individual Athenian “family-cloned” politicians promoting their own individual political and financial interests…

Instead, our “journalists” and “correspondents”, acting in an idiotic manner, are still trying to find details of the imaginary “bromance” between Trump and Erdogan… Let me fill you in: There is no “bromance”. Trump is pursuing America’s interests: Two years ago he was one step away from driving Turkey’s economy over the cliff in order to force Erdogan to free Pastor Branson.  Freedom of religion is at the top of Trump’s agenda and this is one major reason, we Greek-Americans should support him. Disregard for freedom of religion will bring Erdogan’s demise…

Regarding Erdogan, we should be certain that Trump can and will eliminate him in one move, at the right moment, this time possibly with the help of Vladimir Putin… Do I need to remind everyone that during WWII the Western powers were forced to ally with a true monster, Joseph Stalin, in order to achieve victory over Germany and Japan? Now some corrupt DC bureaucrats and the uneducated and corrupt media blame “Russia, Russia, Russia” for everything and want to convince us that allying with the authoritarian Putin in order to be victorious over China is “bad”… Yes, it is very bad for all those who are “on the take” from China, like the Bidens… But it is also necessary for an American victory in the global confrontation ahead of us… Do you know who else stands in the way of such a victory? Erdogan – and he is doomed…

Greek-Americans voted for Trump at 80% or more in 2016. How do I know that? I know it from a series of informal polls that I considered then very reliable. Some polls were done by leaders of our associations and organizations and they all produced results along the same lines: over 80% for Trump. One very significant poll was done by a leftist political leader in Greece who had kept in contact over many years with over 150 friends and relatives in the US. Being part of the Left he had no reason but to lean towards Hillary – and he had no reason to mislead me as we were close friends. He was astonished to find out in August 2016 that of those 150 families who in the past would be split among the two parties or even vote mostly for Democrats only about 5% were to vote for Hillary!!

Then, as someone who has taken several courses in social science methodology, I was able to easily discern the polling flaws. Thankfully, I belong to a very small minority among the numerous analysts in the media: I have actually had the experience of creating a social research “sample” and I have actually written several questionnaires.  So when I see a “polling question” that is tilted to produce a result that favors one side – instead of seeking a sincere answer – I know the poll is not credible. When I see a “polling sample” that has 50% democrats and 35% republicans I instantly throw it out…

Based on this background I was certain in the fall of 2016 that Trump had an excellent chance of winning the presidency and I stated so very clearly, becoming a victim myself of the extreme bias of the media (the details are part of history and not necessary in this report). But it is significant that I see today the same bias both in the polling and in the media as well as in the political process itself.

The difference this time is that Trump is not a “TV-personality” anymore. He has produced results for the American people, despite being unfairly prosecuted by the deep state and the corrupt leftist media. The results are tangible and measurable for all and especially for the most precious of the democrat constituencies, the black and Hispanic minorities.  Most of all, Trump represents a message of hope and freedom which is always a winner over the misery and panic at the center of Biden’s message.

Helleniscope calls all Greek-Americans to support the only president this country had over a period of three decades that put America First. The only president who supports “honesty, not corruption”,  “sincerity, not deception”, “dignity not dishonor”, “promises kept not promises broken”, “peace not endless wars”.

Helleniscope calls all fellow Greek- Americans to vote for President Donald J.Trump… 

PS.  I am appalled by the behavior of former President George W. Bush, who does not find it proper to take a stance in this vote. Trump’s victory on Nov. 3rd will be equivalent to the political end of the Bush family…

PS 2: How do our Greek lobbyists in DC feel about Biden’s call to end the American oil industry? Next time Greece will need a big investment south of Crete or Cyprus, where will they be looking for capital and technology? Russia or maybe China?

October 23, 2020,




  1. As a Greek Orthodox American…the biggest enemy to both Orthodoxy and Greece has been and is the US deep state. Period. For the first time in my life, I’m voting straight Republican.

  2. A great bravo to Helleniscope to call all fellow Greek-Americans to vote for President Donald Trump.
    Please let every Greek know that Archibishops only job is to guide us towards God, with love and unity.
    But instead the ego always wins, thus guiding Greece and the church to shallow and dangerous waters.
    They have always been against the interests of Greece and against true spirituality.
    They have always been so far away from God, who abides within the human body and no where near politics and ………..

  3. Trump kept his promises:
    He built the South border wall to eliminate illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, eliminated the bloody MS13 drug gangs, reduced taxes and increased pensions,has Killed the jihadists Al Bagdati and Sulemani and combats islamic terrorism,Contained Jihadist Iran and N Korea,Eliminated favorable status and privileges China enjoyed since Carter time as a “ developing” country,asked NATO countries to contribute more for their defence, made trading with Mexico and Canada more fair to US, Made US energy independent, refused to sign UN MIGRANT COMPACT that claims falsely migration is a human right and that aims to islamize the West and destroy its civilization by continuous illegal immigration of muslims,did not sign the Paris climate change Accords that aim to to punish and close down US energy by taxation and quickly change to the unreliable solar and wind. He reduced medicine prices, encouraged coronavirus vaccine in WARP speed production before December,insists on schools teaching American History , supports the police ,wants to maintain Law and Order THE FOUNDATION of Society ,states ALL lives matter , considers Antifa a terrorist organization and protects the monuments on federal properties.

  4. Very troubling though is the mail-in cheat stuff the dems pull… cases up…. deaths down… but the dems are playing it to making half the population paranoid!

  5. How on God’s earth can anyone calling himself Christian vote for these repulsive democrat serpents…Trump has all the votes in our family.

  6. I received a kind response pertaining to my last article which suggested among many things, that I shouldn’t “mix” Religion with Politics. My response back was WHY YOU CAN’T SEPARATE THE TWO AS THEY ARE INEXPLICABLE INTERTWINED. Our REPUBLIC IS ROOTED IN THE FOUNDATION AND THE BELIEF IN GOD AND FOLLOWING HIS COMMANDMENTS AND COVENANTS.

    It only shows the ignorance of the greatly deceived left and their agenda basis for COMMUNISIM and just how far they have separated from GOD and the teachings of the Lord and Bible. Wake up my fine Greek Democrats: STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID!

  7. Here is a Poem written by the Ancestors of Leonidas, the Great Spartan..
    “To Live by choice, not by chance, To be motivated, not manipulated, To be useful, not used, To make changes, not excuses, To excel, not compete.
    I choose self-esteem, not self-pity, I choose to listen to my inner voice, not to the random opinion of others.
    I choose to do the things that you won’t so I can continue to do the things you can’t.”

  8. VOTER FRAUD happened as expected!
    President Trump already WON!!!

    But leftists doing what they do best —
    destroy & deceive at any cost to
    Steal Election …
    let the fight begin



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