by Socrates V. Siskos



 DISHONEST ”   (Paraphrasing Aristophanes, we consider that his findings also apply to its leaders The European Union. According to Aristophanes, only the old virtue can save the city and with it the Athenian Republic)


The vision of European citizens for a culturally, economically, and militarily united Europe took on a wider dimension, especially in the early 19th century, when the first nation-states began to emerge and empires to collapse. One of the great pioneers of this vision was Victor Hugo. He believed that the initial creation of a “matrix” by the Mediterranean countries, which were the nurseries of European culture (Greece, Italy, and France), would be a nucleus for attracting other countries to such a mainly cultural Union.

The establishment in March 1957 of the European Economic Community (EEC), despite the initial impetus for economic cooperation and development, had as its fundamental objective the strengthening of the common cultural identity of the peoples of Europe, within a Union with a federal spirit of security and state organization. In short, it would be, with a gradual evolutionary process of organizing the bodies of power, a single federal state entity which, based on its pan-European cultural principles and values, would be the guarantor of the security of its citizens and lasting protection and peace in the Member States. However, six decades after the appearance of this honest and good-looking lady (of the EEC), how we came to face the scarecrow of a deformed and financially greedy Union which, in the interests of some of its powerful states, threw all its cultural values ​​into the mud ( culture, true democracy, solidarity, the welfare state, etc.). It made real leaders the bankers and stockbrokers of the “Markets” and even those who (according to Max Weber) are possessed by “the perverted instinct” of greed and usury speculation.

It was time for European leaders to alienate themselves from their people and for the European Union to inevitably begin to die. None of the three characteristics that distinguish the European citizen, as Paul Valery enumerated them in 1922 in Zurich, remained unscathed in the face of the catastrophic cyclone of a new speculative nationalism, which in fact demolished every trace of European solidarity, despite repeated verbal declarations of European leaders. The first of these characteristics, Christian morality, is a meaningless concept in a de-Christianized and socially and demographically degenerate Europe, compared to other vital and dynamic cultures (Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu), despite the disadvantages of some of them in matters of individual rights and authoritarianism of their political regimes. These codes of European ethics are applied with respect, out of fear or for reasons of interest and strategy, to other religions and cultures but with negative dimensions as far as Christianity is concerned. In practice, a conversion of a Roman Empire temple like the Hagia Sophia (a cultural symbol of European history) is politically and culturally tolerated, with mere hypocritical weak protests, while at the same time in Europe mosques are blooming freely. Many years ago I read in “Le Monde” an article entitled “France, terre d’Islam”, in which there was information about the suspicious way of staffing the mosques with “imported” mullahs and muezzins, while at the same time the mosques in Paris were more than Christian churches. None of these mosques were converted into churches, such as Hagia Sophia and dozens of other Christian churches in Turkey. Fear also forced European “progressive” writers, journalists and cartoonists to express their “unfettered” only with anti-Christian texts and sketches, especially after the threat of execution of author Salman Rushdie for his “Satanic Lyrics” and the terrible blood-stained massacre in “Hebdo Charlie”. In Greece and in the rest of Europe we see Christ with women’s earrings and lipstick or Mary Magdalene in the role of a prostitute, but no sketches of Muhammad or any blasphemy about the Koran. The democratic heroism of some ideologues of the media and art is limited to acts of unilateral intolerance to anti-religious extremes, for one of the foundations of European culture. European politics and social life in general are completely cut off from any notion of Christian ethics. The supreme cultural element is “MONEY”. Europe is now, according to an earlier statement of the well-known Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, mature enough to accept Islam and thus fill the gap in the non-existence of a social ethic.

The second characteristic, which is the inheritance of the wealth of a Roman legal system, was replaced by the penal system imposed on Europe by the “charitable capitalism” of the high priests of money (Bill Cates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, etc.). With this system, the “philanthropic businessman” earns huge sums with his noble work. The analysis of this process can be found in wonderful and honest journalistic research, such as e.g. the systematic research work of French journalist Lionel Astruc on Bill Cates. Suffice it to say here that “speculative humanism” sometimes reaches the limits of paranoia. A criminal can kill 100 or 200 people and be released in 15 or 20 years. The life of the criminal is precious, according to the joke that civilized “society does not take revenge” while giving other criminals the tacit message that society treats victims (and victims’ families) as mere numbers. This business charity is clearer in immigration. The real refugees are an insignificant clientele. That is why illegal immigrants were baptized refugees. In the Greek islands, the Non-Governmental Organizations of G. Soros raged, in collaboration with the smugglers, for the entry of illegal immigrants from all the countries of Asia and Africa. Big numbers of people bring more money to “philanthropists”. A lot of legal dollars for NGOs and illegal for traffickers, in relation to the number of incoming immigrants in Europe. The compound Greek word “charity” (ie the Love for Man), is in the globalized new order of things “give and take” a new kind of slave trade and political arrangements. The new sultan of Turkey who seeks, with new conquests, to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, with masterful cunning “collects” the Turkish immigrants from Syria and Iraq “as foreigners”. He also tacitly invites volunteers/migrants from Morocco, Algeria, Somalia, and other African countries with cheap airline tickets, and after baptizing them, according to incoherent European sensitivities, as refugees, blackmails the European Union into speculation and conditions in a helpless and terrorized Europe. The resistance that Greece alone put up on the river Evros and repelled in 2019 an organized invasion of Europe of 130 thousand Muslim illegal immigrants, shows the possibilities, at low cost, for the EU to deal with immigration. They offered € 6 billion to Turkey and are still passively tolerating the blackmail of the Turkish sultan, while perhaps with 1 billion he could shield and make the European borders invincible in such extortionate methods.

According to Valery, the third characteristic of the European is the ancient Greek heritage with its human philosophical and cultural face. Many countries of this European heritage, without a trace of cultural past, try to “share its clothes” with imaginary theories that are not based on documented sources (history, archeology, epigraphy, linguistics, numismatics, etc.). From the Nazi theory of the 1930s to the “Northern (German) Ancient Greeks” who survived to this day, while in Greece they disappeared “without a drop of blood left by Plato, Socrates or Pericles, from “Black Athena” By Martin Bernal on the African roots of Greeks and Greek culture, from the Turkish of the University of Ankara for “their own poet Homer” who recited (in Greek) his anti-Greek “Iliad” and the Stalinist discovery that Alexander the Great was a Slav, and the cultural deceptions accepted by the political (not scientific) European elite are innumerable. Even today, when Bulgaria protests in the EU that the so-called Macedonian language created in Tito’s Yugoslav linguistic laboratories is officially considered Bulgarian (because even the simplest linguistic test proves to be Bulgarian), is considered racist. Fraud theories triumph! Europe naively saws the cultural branch of the tree on which it sits! European culture does not seem to be an essential element in European transnational affairs. We go back to the time of Metternich when Eastern Europe was under Turkish occupation and the Austrian Foreign Minister declared that “Europa ist geinischer Ausdruck – Europe is a geographical expression”.

In the background of diplomatic and transnational relations, the EU is a dark field of intrigue and contradiction, focusing on the economic and geostrategic interests of each Member State. Ultimately, the interests of the most powerful states prevail. The lack of corporate solidarity is deafening. The EU clergy hypocritically shouts about the individual rights and the dictatorial tactics of the leaders of Iran, Venezuela, or Belarus, while Turkey is considered a democracy that will protect Europe from the Russian threat. They do not see the plans of Turkish leaders (and not only Erdogan) for “a homeland of their hearts and a blue homeland” starting in Vienna or beyond Vienna, but to also include the once Muslim Iberian Peninsula. They forget the methodical genocides of the Armenians, the Greeks of Pontus, and also the Christian Assyrians, which began in 1915 and continued with the terrible pogrom of blood and destruction of 1955, which contributed to the almost complete disappearance of the Greek minority in Constantinople. Of the 150 thousand Greeks of the Treaty of Lausanne, only 2 or 3 thousand remained. The corresponding Muslim population in Greek Western Thrace increased from 80 to about 140 thousand. This minority wants (with a demonstration of unparalleled audacity) to be “protected” by the Greeks by Sultan Tayyip Erdogan. It is the richest Muslim minority in Europe, elects members of the Greek Parliament, the “Sharia” regime for family matters applies and there are hundreds of mosques maintained by the Greek state.

The humiliation that European leaders receive from the Turkish president shows the degree of indignity that the Brussels priesthood has reached. He threatens the EU, curses the President of France, behaves arrogantly and indecently towards senior officials of the Commission, threatens to “disappear” Greece by force of arms, and attempts a new invasion of Cyprus. It does not recognize Cyprus as an EU state, maintains an occupying army on the island, but protests in Germany if Cyprus has objections to the payment of aid to its Turkish “ally”. He claims with mastery (as a “Special Neutral” in World War II, drawn up with the victors on the day of the defeat and subjugation of Nazi Germany) that he was armed to protect Europe from Russia. The same strategy of propaganda deception and double play! Besides, its relations with Russia are excellent.

Malicious intentions cannot be hidden, but many “partners” in the EU are blunt. A fully equipped army and about 200 landing crafts (the largest craft in the world) are located opposite to the Greek islands. Is it to protect Europe from Russia? He considers these islands (under the law of violence and force) as Turkish. But for thousands of years, these islands were inhabited by Greeks. After 400 years of Ottoman occupation, the presence of Greeks in the islands of the Eastern Aegean was strong and continuous. When Delacroix painted “Slaughter in Chios”, the island was still under Turkish occupation. And yet it was inhabited by Greeks. For these Greek islands, there is no guarantee of a dynamic security and corporate protection against Turkish aggression.

For these Greek islands, there is no guarantee of a dynamic security and corporate protection from the EU against Turkish aggression. This distancing and apparent circumvention of Community solidarity, one of the founding principles of the Union, further worsens the overall picture of the allied cohesion of the Member States, from the absurd fact of strengthening a third state threatening war between two states. In addition to the powerful Russian S-400 anti-missile system, Turkey is also building six state-of-the-art German technology submarines, while Spain is involved in the construction and supply of technology to the Turkish aircraft carrier Anadolu, which is a weapons system with tremendous destructive potential in the event of an aggressive war. Germany, Spain, and Italy are Turkey’s largest arms suppliers, and if Greece refuses to succumb to the dictator’s neo-Ottoman threats and leads to a Greek-Turkish conflict, these “corporate weapons” will lead to the death of thousands of Greeks. That is why the three major EU countries are reacting to the imposition of economic sanctions on Turkey (mainly weapons systems), encouraging Turkish aggression by indirectly facilitating the neo-Ottoman policy of the living space (of Hitler’s “Lebensraum”) in the Aegean and in the Eastern Mediterranean to the detriment of Greece and Cyprus. Is this huge, on-fire, offensive equipment being used to bolster NATO in the face of the Russian threat? Wonderful arguments for an idiot and naïve people! Here is the saying of Napoleon, who begged God “to protect him from his friends (and partners!), Because he could protect himself from his enemies.” We are trapped in a derailed and greedy for profits union, which betrays friends and allies for “thirty pieces of silver”.

The situation is reminiscent of Hitler’s 1938 intentions in Munich for “Living Space” and the sacrifice of Czechoslovakia by European leaders “to avoid war”. At the time, Daladier was hailed as a “savior of peace” and Chamberlain called Hitler a “gentleman!” Today, the leaders of the European Union consider the Turkish president a democrat and an ally, in order to protect all together (including Greece) with NATO the “Democracy of the Free World”. What Turkish Republic are we talking about! Do not EU leaders see the regime of terror and covert dictatorship, the thousands of imprisonments, and mock trials of “dissidents” or the hundreds of arrests of journalists and writers? O tempora! O mores !, as Cicero would say. Hypocrisy abounds!

Let the leaders of today and tomorrow not betray the vision of the European peoples for a European Union of democracy, culture, solidarity, prosperity, and peace.  Unless Europe becomes a culturally, economically, and militarily solid democratic superpower with equality and solidarity, will be fatally driven from the death rattle to self-euthanasia. The laws of nature and history are relentless. The winners belong exclusively to the culturally and ideologically cohesive and homogeneous groups of states.



  1. Γλαφυρο το αρθρο αλλα η Ελλαδα κινδυνευει και πρεπει να προστατευθει ως εξης:
    Για να σωθει η Ελλαδα επειγει να κλεισουν τα συνορα στον Εβρο με αντιαρματικη ταφρο ,υψηλο ηλεκτροφορο συρματοπλεγμα και στρατο, οπως εκανε η Βουλγαρια και με το ναυτικο και πλωτα φραγματα στο Αιγαιο ,οπως εκανε η Ιταλια επι Σαλβινι, ωστε οι μωαμεθανοι « προσφυγες» και λαθρομεταναστες να μην εισβαλλουν στην Ελλαδα βασει του σχεδιου του Ερντογαν να ισλαμοποιησει την Ελλαδα, αλλα να επιστρεφονται στην Τουρκια ,Συρια,Λιβυη η στην αχανη πλουσια Σ Αραβια με διεθνη περιθαλψη. Μεταφερετε τους καταυλισμους των λεθρομεταναστων σε ερημα νησια μεχρι να επιστρεψουν στις χωρες τους.Διαλυστε τις ξενοκινητες ΜΚΟ και συλλαβετε τους διακινητες των λαθρομεταναστων που κερδιζουν εκατ€ απο ΕΕ ,ΟΗΕ ,ΣΟΡΟΣ ΤΟΥΡΚΙΑ,εισαγοντας μωαμεθανους λαθρομεταναστες . Η Ελλαδα της Χρεοκοπιας και της > 20 % ανεργιας δεν μπορει να δεχεται και να περιθαλπει βαρβαρους μωαμεθανους λαθρομεταναστες με κινδυνο να καταντησουν συντομα οι Ελληνες μειονοτητα στην χωρα τους, με κινδυνο αφανισμου τους για πρωτη φορα σε 4 χιλ χρονια λαμπρης ιστοριας.
    Το Ισλαμ(=υποταγη) ειναι ιμπεριαλιστικη, βιαιη, ολοκληρωτικη, μισογυνιστικη ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΗ ΙΔΕΟΛΟΓΙΑ>80%( ισλαμοφασισμος)ΜΕΤΑΜΦΙΕΣΜΕΝΗ ΩΣ ΘΡΗΣΚΕΙΑ<20%, που απειλει και σχεδιαζει με τζιχαντ η ηπια τζιχαντ μεταναστευσης και συνεχων διεκδικησεων να υποδουλωσει παλι την Ελλαδα , την Ευρωπη και μετα ολον τον Πλανητη για να επιβαλλει τον βαρβαρο νομο της Σαρια, οπως ειναι στο Ιραν, Αφγανισταν και Σ Αραβια.Σαρια (= Oδος)σημαινει μπουργκες, υποδουλωση των γυναικων στους ανδρες,κλειτοριδεκτομες, λιθοβολισμοι για μοιχεια, ακρωτηριασμοιγιακλοπες,πολυγαμια,παιδεραστια,απαγορευσεις αλκοολ, χοιρινου, σκυλων,θανατωσεις των αποστατων, βλασφημων, μοιχων ,υποκριτων , ομοφυλοφιλων και υποχρεωτικη αποτιση σεβασμου στον εγκληματια ψευδοπροφητη Μωαμεθ ,που συμφωνα με αυτοπτες μαρτυρες στο Κορανι ,Σιρα και Χαντιθ ηταν παιδεραστης( η συζυγος Αισα ηταν 9 ετων), βιαστης, δολοφονος, βασανιστης, ληστης καραβανιων, ψευτης και δουλεμπορος γυναικων.Το Ισλαμ υποδουλωνει τις γυναικες,τις θεωρει κτημα και σκευος ηδονης των ανδρων, ειναι εχθρος της ισοτητας των γυναικων, της ελευθεριας του λογου,των Ανθρωπινων Δικαιωματων , της Δημοκρατιας και του Συνταγματος.Το Ισλαμ επι ~400 χρονια τουρκικης δουλειας σε 11 εξεγερσεις τους κατεσφαξε τους ελληνες ραγιαδες ως καφρους- απιστους και τους τρομοκρατουσε με τον κεφαλικο φορο- τζιζια, τις απαγωγες των αγοριων για γενιτσαρους και των κοριτσιων για τα χαρεμια τους .Θυμηθειτε την προσφατη γενοκτονια των Ποντιων και Αρμενιων την σφαγη της Σμυρνης την εισβολη στην Κυπρο και γιαυτο το Ισλαμ δεν πρεπει να επιστρεψει στην Ελλαδα .
    Ιδρυση τζαμιων στην Ελλαδα μονο αν η Τουρκια δεχτει ανοιγμα της Σχολης της Χαλκης , φοιτηση παιδιων των Ελληνων στα Σχολεια Ρωμηων της Πολης και ιδρυση εκκλησιων στην Τουρκια και Σ Αραβια.
    Να μην διδεται αντισυνταγματικα, χωρις ελληνα γονιο η Ελληνικη Ιθαγενεια σε μωαμεθανους αλλοδαπους.Να καταργηθει ο αντιρατσιστικος νομος που καταργει την Ελευθερια του Λογου και απαγορευει καθε κριτικη του Ισλαμ που δεν ειναι ρατσα( Σωτη Τριανταφυλλου, Θανος Τζημερος).Να ακυρωθουν η DUBLIN TREATY III, BARCELONA AGREEMENT του 2002, και UN MIRANT COMPACTτου Δεκ 2018 που εγκαθιστουν, προστατευουν και περιθαλπουν μωαμεθανους λαθρομεταναστες σε Ελλαδα και Ευρωπη με σκοπο την ισλαμοποιηση τους ,απαγορευοντας στα ΜΜΕ να δημοσιευουν τυχον παραβατικη συμπεριφορα των μωαμεθανων.Η μεταναστευση ΔΕΝ ειναι ΔΙΚΑΙΩΜΑ ,οπως ψευδως το παρουσιαζει ο ΟΗΕ υπακουοντας στο σχεδιο ισλαμοποιησης του πλανητη απο τις 57 ισλαμικες χωρες του Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
    Να αυξηθει η στρατιωτικη θητεια στους 24 μηνες με παλλα’ικη πολιτοφυλακη, οπως στην Ελβετια για λογους εθνικης ασφαλειας.Να λειτουργησει η ΕΛΒΟ, ωστε να παραγονται οπλα για την αμυντικη θωρακιση της Ελλαδας απο την επεκτατικηΤουρκια.Να αλλαξει ο Ποινικος Κωδικας και να επιβαλλονται αποτρεπτικα αυστηρες ποινες στους κακοποιους και τρομοκρατες.Απαιτειστε αξιοκρατικη,αδιαφθορη ,ανεξαρτητη Δικαιοσυνη και επαναφορα θανατικης ποινης για ειδεχθεις δολοφονους τυπου Πασσαρη και Κουφοντινα.
    Να ακυρωθει το Προσυμφωνο των Πρεσπων , να μην αναγνωρισθει Μακεδονικο Εθνος στα Σκοπεια και ως Μακεδονικη η βουλγαρικη γλωσσα που ομιλει μερος του 1,6 εκ κατοικων του αλβανοβουλγαροσερβοελληνικου ψευδοκρατιδιου των Σκοπειων.Να ακυρωθει και να μην γινει παραχωρηση στα Σκοπεια ΑΟΖ, αλιειας,τεχνολογιας, ενεργειας,εκπαιδευσης,νανοτεχνολογιας,ελεγχου και λογοκρισιας των ελληνικων σχολικων βιβλιων και εκδηλωσεων που επιβαλλει το επιζημιο για την Ελλαδα Προσυμφωνο των Πρεσπων που υπεγραψε ο προδοτης Τσιπρας.
    Να ανακηρυχθει αμεσα η ΑΟΖ της Ελλαδας με Κυπρο και να αρνηθουμε προσφυγη στη Χαγη για υφαλοκρηπιδα ,εφοσον καλυπτεται αυτη απο την ΑΟΖ.Να παρουσιαζεται το ΗΧΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΦΩΣ στην Ακροπολη και Ελληνικα.Να μαθαινουν τα Ελληνοπουλα τα επιτευγματα των προγονων τους στο σχολειο για να γινουν Φιλελληνες και υπερασπιστες του ΟΙΚΟΥΜΕΝΙΚΟΥ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΣΜΟΥ που χαρισε στην Ανθρωποτητα τους Ολυμπιακους Αγωνες,το Θεατρο,την Φιλοσοφια,την Δημοκρατια,τηνΕπιστημη, την Λογικη, την Ιατρικη ,την Γεωμετρια και την Ελληνικη Γλωσσα για τον εμπλουτισμο των επιστημων και την διαδοση του σωτηριου μηνυματος του Ιησου Χριστου με το Ελληνικο Ευαγγελιο.
    Στο you tube βλεπετε:Κυριακος Βελοπουλος,Νικος Λυγερος,φρυκτωριες,Σχολιαζοντας την Επικαιροτητα,costas wills,Αναστασιος Λαβρεντζος,Θανος Τζημερος,Ειρηνη Μαρουπα,Κωστας Γριβας,ΙΜαζης,ΚΠλευρης,Φραγκουλης Φραγκος,Καλεντεριδης,Σαχινης, Γιωργος Σαρρης , Δημητρης Νατσιος,apostate prophet, exmuslims,κλπ για την απαραιτητη πολυπλευρη πατριωτικη ενημερωση σας.Ο ΕΧΩΝ ΓΝΩΣΗ, ΕΧΕΙ ΓΝΩΜΗ!ΟΡΓΑΝΩΘΕΙΤΕ, ΣΩΣΤΕ ΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ!


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