EDITOR’S NOTE: October 28, 1940: Mussolini presents an ultimatum to Greece: Surrender or face immediate conquest. With the Greek army outnumbered two to one, it was clear to the world there could be only one reasonable answer. But Prime Minister Metaxas sent a different reply—a Greek reply. It was one word. “OXI.” No.

It is the essence of Greece… From the 300 of Thermopylae to the Greek resistance against Nazi Germany, Oxi Day celebrates freedom, independence, and the defiance of tyranny against impossible odds. And today the world needs the Greek spirit of Oxi now more than ever. To fascism we say OXI!

Enjoy the photos and video below – some are unique historical artifacts.  When you are done you can share your Hellenic pride with the world!

Visit https://oxiday.com/ and take a look at the collection of OXI DAY items.  Support a good cause…  A portion of all Oxi Day Collection proceeds will support the Hellenic Veterans Video Archive companion to our documentary film The 11th Day which tells the story of Greece’s civilian resistance to Nazi occupation in World War II. www.the11thday.org


PHOTO BELOW: An Italian tanquette under new management in Albania with the Greek inscription “the revenge of Elli” meaning the Greek light cruiser Elli sunk by the Italian submarine Delfino on August 15 1940 before the Greco-Italian war, which was initiated by the Italians on October 28 1940.



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