PHOTO: Please look how unhappy Hallie (late Beau Biden’s wife) and her daughter Natalie look at this photo… They were both …”comforted” by Hunter at just about the time of the Hamptons Gala –  under the …”watchful eye” of Joe – who discussed with Hallie about the pedophilic affair between Hunter and Natalie and suggested… therapy to her -instead of calling the Police…


EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Our friend George Michalopulos of reminded us of the “Blue Gala” in the Hamptons where the Bidens were honored in 2016… As we have already said, corruption breeds corruption, and corruption befriends corruption… But the level of sickness displayed by the Biden family (please check our previous post here – which became a huge hit with almost 40,000 views already!!)  is unsurpassed…  It is truly amazing that as this sick family affair between Hunter, his dead brother’s wife Hallie, and her daughter Natalie was going on, they had to appear together in public and pretend they are a family… The photos speak volumes –  Hunter looks like the real doofus that he is in all of them…

The “creme de la creme” of the Greek American society attended the event to honor the late Beau Biden and push the “Biden Family” to our community…  The whole edifice is now crumbling down – in the midst of the Hunter Biden scandal… The scandal with the “laptop from Hell”…



Well, well, well. If there was any question about which way the Greek-American “elite” want things to go next Tuesday, doubt no further.

The far-Left has long been fond of saying that the “political is personal”. OK, I’ll play that game. In the picture to the left are members of the Biden family at The Blue Dream Gala, hosted by our old friend, Fr Alex Karloutsos.

The event in question was to honor Beau Biden’s “legacy” but in reality, it’s just another excuse for all the swells in the GOA to get together to prove to everybody else in the Orthodox world how wonderful they are. In case you don’t get it, his parish’s official name is “Holy Dormition Church of the Hamptons“. (So there! all you peons!)

As for the pretty ladies in red, they are Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie, and his daughter Natalie (left to right). Both mother and daughter have been (how shall I put this delicately?) “comforted” by Hunter Biden. If you click on the picture, neither mother nor daughter seems to be particularly happy. As for Hunter, I imagine he’s trying to find a way to extricate himself from the entire situation.

See link:

Our friend Nick Stamatakis over at Helleniscope, has been doing yeoman’s work exposing the corruption and rot that afflicts the East Coast Greek-American elite. Please check it out.

In any event, I can just imagine an updated Lerner-and-Lowesque production of the Biden Administration called A Trailer Park Named Camelot should things go horribly wrong next week. (For what it’s worth, I read that “How can I change my vote” started trending hugely on Google after the last debate.)


  1. No Orthodox leadership to be found here, it’s all just ethnic Greekness –
    Hellenism, that’s true religion of pathetic feckless ABs & the totally Godless, Alex Karloutsos who should Not be wearing holy robes!


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