By Nick Karakas

The Orthodox left led by the avatar demolished itself in their zeal to hastily endorse Joe Buyden.  Laying aside all other reasons not to support him, just think of the new revelations which have recently surfaced dating back to many years ago while working under the OBAMA Administration’s “cover”.

Concerning Joe’s son Hunter, who right under our noses has been collecting and extorting MILLIONS of dollars from China, Russia, and Ukraine plus other countries in a “Pay for Play” from individuals, corporations such as BIG TECH’S Mark Zuckerberg and 501(c)(3) organizations for “favors and introductions” of “influence”.

How stupid we workers, suburbanites, city dwellers, and students have been for almost 40 years as we were enthralled and seduced by his ever-ready plastic smiles and pleasant demeanor.

Perhaps you voters who have already voted, may now finally give consideration to changing your votes and right the corrupt sinking ship that will most certainly prevail in order to prevent history from electing the first Thief in Chief ever elected as President of our great Republic.

Nick Karakas


  1. Well said Mr. Karakas for exposing the unending disgrace of Joe Biden and his embarrassment for a son. This trash is going to represent USA?


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