By Nick Stamatakis

In one more clear manifestation of his disgraceful stature as a “priest” in name only, Vicar Karloutsos recently made a statement “explaining” the use of multiple spoons in his Hamptons Church.  What did he say?

  1. “In Agia Sophia originally 70 priests had 70 spoons and delivered communion”. Then “why not have a lot of spoons for our world?” Amazing “Karloutsian logic”… Completely ignoring the apparent fact that each of these 70 priests delivered communion to a few hundred faithful each, WITH THE SAME HOLY SPOON…
  2. The “Karloutsian logic” goes on to explain that this is “not a dogmatic issue but a tradition”.  Let’s leave aside for a moment the issue of the Holy Spoon – which was answered by very knowledgeable theologians and above all by Patriarch Bartholomew himself and by Mount Athos unanimously – and they all insisted on the use of one Holy Spoon.  The faithful might have entertained the idea to follow Karloutsos if he were willing to take a stance on the real dogmatic and fundamental issues of our Church and Christianity today: The sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, and the preservation of religious freedom.  But on these issues not only he does not have the conviction to take a stance, but he betrayed our faith.  He befriends the “baby-killer” Cuomo (and the same for Biden) and he and Elpidophoros do not say a “pip” regarding allowing abortions even on the day of birth!!… They bless with their presence the crowded marches of “Black Lives Matter” but they agree to keep Churches closed for a very long time… Shame on them! They do not take a stance on our most fundamental issues of Faith but they insist that delivery of the holy communion is tradition and a mere technicality!…
  3.  But the most ridiculous part of the “Karloutsian argument” is that the hundreds of thousands of spoons that he ordered for the Archdiocese “have the cross of the Ecumenical Patriarchate on them, the Archdiocese logo and name; that is, we made proper Orthodox spoons for the Orthodox people”, he insists in his ridiculously baseless way… Implying that the imprinted “Stamps” and name make them Orthodox… Are you serious Karloutsos? They have the imprinted Cross of the Ecumenical Patriarchate BUT THEY GO AGAINST THE DIRECTIVE OF PAT. BARTHOLOMEW who came flatly against using multiple spoons? Who are you kidding? Who do you think you are addressing? The same people you have been exploiting financially for decades? The same flock of faithful of the Church of Christ who you betrayed so many times?
  4. And finally who is in charge of Orthodox Faith? The Patriarch with the Holy Synod or the “Rasputin” Karloutsos? Will the Patriarch call him to order? Or, does Pat. Bartholomew reserve his wrath only for minor “disobedience” episodes like the ones from Metropolitans Methodios and Evangelos? He demotes Metropolitans for disobedience but he lets Karloutsos violate his own “directive” on a fundamental issue of faith? He lets Karloutsos and Elpidophoros desecrate our Faith on the central issue of the sanctity of life?  We are not holding our breath for Pat. Bartholomew’s answer… But at the same time, he should not plan for ANY trip and certainly not ANY welcome by the faithful in the U.S…
  5. Finally, Karloutsos refers to “the people” as the ones who will give the final answer. Like all authoritarian abusers – especially our Church’s leaders – Karloutsos deeply believes that the people will forget.  His flawed “Karloutsian logic” is: “we are here forever – our opponents will go away”.   The Metropolitans have spoken AND ARE AGAINST YOUR FAITHLESS “KARLOUTSIAN LOGIC”.  The most respected theologians have spoken AND ARE AGAINST YOUR FAITHLESS “KARLOUTSIAN LOGIC”.  The people themselves have spoken and collected thousands and thousands of signatures (link here) to prove that THEY ARE AGAINST YOUR FAITHLESS “KARLOUTSIAN LOGIC”.

Our suggestion to Karloutsos: It’s time to give it up… Especially when you yourself set for everyone else “term limits” at age 75… You have to at least obey your own rules and let go… Yes, we understand that the “power elixir” you have been drinking – not because of your natural abilities but thanks to Iakovos whom you betrayed – is very sweet… But without ANY real support from the faithful you are rendered useless and a true obstacle to the existence of the Church of America…

October 30, 2020,



  1. I am seriously worried for our faith as a whole. We have a Patriarch totally out of touch. He sits back and allows the ridiculous termination of tenured, experienced, world renown professors from Hellenic College/Holy Cross to be terminated for no reason. Then we have the Archbishop appointed recently by the Patriarch. Is this just a promotion for the good old Turkish brethren?
    Now we see about the spoons. Anyone who has faith, knows that we all approach with fear and reverence – if you don’t believe, don’t approach. All these actions are detrimental to our beautiful Greek Orthodox faith and those who can rectify this are asleep or in their own world.
    We the people must start to speak up so that the Patriarch will listen whether he likes it or not. The only language he understands is money – stop sending money to the Archdiocese! If all the churches do this, things will change and the hierarchs will have no choice but to pay attention to the faithful.

  2. At one point this year, we had 8 metropolitans, 1 archbishop, and 1 patriarch each giving completely separate, different, and uncoordinated communion advice. And that doesn’t take into account various Karloutsian Options for Rich Guys and People of Political Influence.

    My old high school coach, a great Irishman, used to yell at us at practice, “you guys could screw up a one car funeral”. Coach would have the same comment for these Keystone Cops, too.

    And the want to represent the Holy Apostles as successors? Who’s kidding whom?

  3. I’ve been recommending to totally stop contributing to the Patriarchate, the Archdiocese and Diocese. I’ve started going to the local Antiochian Church albeit, I still go to my spiritual father at Saint Anthony’s Monastery. People can disagree with me but these creatures are worse than Satan. Satan never took the vows of the Priesthood and hung himself rather than these repeat offenders. The mob has more integrity than these demonic clowns.

  4. Just think about this:

    “Reverend” Karloutsos campaigns for a Presidential candidate, his pal, the villain
    Joe Biden – who’s leftist, Godless platform does Not at all align with Karloutsos’ Greek Orthodoxy, the Faith he’s supposed to represent.

    Meanwhile, Joe Biden is outed as being severely corrupt, has declining mental skills, embarrasses himself each time he speaks, is completely compromised & a threat to American security —

    has a son Hunter, who has child porn on his laptop, molests his niece, is being investigated for money laundering, yet despite all this, the leftist lying media tried to CENSOR the biggest criminal case!

    THIS is what Rev. Karloutsos befriends and defends?

  5. If Biden wins, Karloutsos, son Fredo, the MArchons (as in money-archons) will be OUT OF CONTROL.

    They’ll probably put Hunter on the Archdiocesan Council and the board of Friends of St Nicholas. But he will have to kickback to the Big Man.

    Byzantium as usual. Ho-hum.

  6. What are these spoons made of – plastic, or of a particular metal ( aluminum, stainless steel, etc) !?

    What is the cost factor ( manufacturing; shipping, etc. and distribution costs)?

    If plastic – how will they be disposed of in not adding to the already heavy pollution footprint of insoluable plastics?

    Will these plastic spoons be individually plastic wrapped as well, ensuring they are not contaminated?

    Will those ( priests, deacons, altar boys, ushers), etc) that are handling them be wearing disposable vinyl gloves?

    Where is this money coming from to finance this illogical endeavor, as the GOA is always crying poverty!?

    I thought Patriarch Bartholomew was the “Green Patriarch” in respecting, protecting and saving the global environment.
    Well, this hardly seems to be environmentally correct!

    If these spoons are made of a metal; how will they be properly cleaned, sanitized and sterilized, and stored for future use!?

    I have been attending church every Sunday, and Holy Commnion is distributed in a respectful and orderly manner.

    The Prosforo is precut into long rectangular strips; an alrar boy holds a bowlful, standing beside the priest. The priest takes a piece of the bread, dips it into the chalice that he’s holding, and then pops it into the recipients open mouth.
    No fuss- no muss!
    Da- duhm!

    ( Ypsoma is created in a similar manner).

    We can always go the way of the Roman Catholics, and distribute wafers into the hands of each person queing to receive the Eucharist.

    “Rev” ( cough- cough) Karloutsos needs to resign ( as per recently established employment parameters), or relocated to a small parish in Alaska, where he may after all these many years, possibly be able to understand the true meaning of the priesthood, requiring humility, sacrifice, and service.
    His tenure within the GOA is over- extended, and he needs to finally be shown the Exit door.


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