EDITOR’S NOTE: Andreas Stamatakis, an excellent mathematician with a specialty in statistics (despite his young age…) explains in this 9′ video all the faults with the national polling:

  1. The “Shy Trump Voter” – either because they are intimidated by the fascists of the Left or because they consciously want to make fun of the “woke” pollsters…
  2.  Sample Size: A standard very minimum sample of the square root of the population you are measuring – this rule is almost NEVER followed in national polls…
  3. Composition of the sample: Many polls do not sample ACTUAL likely voters. Why?  Because Trump draws to the polls even those who never voted before: In Trump rallies 30% of the participants have never voted before! This fact is missed in almost all polls (except for the Trafalgar Poll).
  4. Polls are deliberately made wrong to affect the “energy” of the voters and their participation in the vote.  Also, most polls are made to “assist” those who pay for them…

November 1, 2020, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com


  1. Thanks Andreas. Polls are not reliable especially in hands of Democrats who’ve been caught in Voter Fraud before. Remember what happened last election with wicked witch, lesbian, Hillary Clinton?

    Greeks need to check out Twitter ASAP on Joe Biden’s daughter – she just busted her deranged, father that as a child she was sexualized by him. Joe went into a shower with her!!!

    Joe Biden is an extremely corrupt candidate.


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