EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): In this 9′ video Andreas Stamatakis updates us with the most recent post-election developments.  It is very obvious that Georgia and N.Carolina have been won by President Trump and he holds a 600,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania – where the massive turnout absolutely stunned the Democrats and the country. With these 3 states, his elector count reaches 265 and then he only needs Arizona or Nevada.  Arizona was recently declared “too close to call” and simple consideration of the remaining counties proves a rather likely win for Trump… This is taking place in addition to legal challenges in Wisconsin and Michigan where we have noted serious shenanigans of the state governments  (controlled by democrats…)  Meanwhile, the President’s lawyer Jay Sekulow has already engaged the Supreme Court filing a new case in a previous action regarding the illegalities of Pennsylvania… Unloading mail-in votes from trucks in PA one day after Nov. 3 is not going to pass as legal voting… 

November 4, 2020, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com


  1. P.S.
    a Russian priest told me, a Russian Orthodox holy nun & clairvoyant predicted back in September,
    Trump will definitely WIN
    but democrats would try stealing election; it’ll take weeks to expose Voter corruption


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