By Nick Stamatakis

The American Left, realizing decades ago that they are a small minority in this beautiful country of ours, started applying elaborate voter fraud schemes where they could: Mostly where they controlled the State government.  Is it a surprise that most states (AZ, NV, NV, PA, MI, WI) which kept us up late last night have Democrat governors? In California, Arizona, and other states they have been registering for a very long time in voter lists all those who are applying for a driver’s license (in the famous “motor-voter” fraud scheme), among them tens of thousands of illegal immigrants. This fraud helped them dominate many states in the west (and in the process forced the evacuation to greener pastures of most sane citizens)…

But these schemes were not enough to guarantee their win in national elections.  So, when this summer they realized that despite “Russiagate” and everything else they threw against President Trump for four years, they would lose the Nov. 3 election they tried their last card: “mail-in-ballots”.  We did not need mail-in ballots; We had a tried-and-true system of “absentee ballots” assigned to a particular person WHO REQUESTED IT.  You just had to make a phone call or go online and ask for it.

But no, it was not enough for the totalitarianists of the Left.  They used the lame excuse of the pandemic to do away with voter registration clarity –  a clear obstacle to their fraudulent plans.  And so they allowed hundreds of thousands of ballots to be delivered by mail, very much like advertising flyers, to all addresses… What a fraud! What an unmitigated disaster for the integrity of the elections!  President Trump acted proactively and publicly attacked these efforts for months; his very public and vocal warnings to State Governments will now be his biggest help as the case will very soon reach the Supreme Court which will very likely take on the case and issue a decision in the next few days and weeks.  If he had stayed silent his opponents would easily argue, as it usually happens in the Courts of Law, that “he acquiesced”…




As expected they are now assisted by the corrupt mainstream media. Instead of the media answering questions about their role in pushing fake polls for months on end, they are now creating uncertainty in order to cover democrat States’ attempts to manufacture the election results in their favor. Instead of explaining their lies about Florida, Pennsylvania, and the other states of a supposed “landslide” for Biden they pretend they are “virgins”… Up to a few days ago, they were dreaming of adding seats to the US Supreme Court, turning Puerto Rico and Washington DC into States, doing away with the filibuster rule and other schemes that would forever change our democratic Republic.  But they lost, once again control of the Senate, and their dreams are postponed for at least another 2-4 years.  And they lost seats in the House, a clear sign of the direction the country has chosen for its future…

In a few days, it seems that the Supreme Court will cut once again the “Gordian Knot” and will determine that President Trump has officially won this election.  But for all American Patriots, the road ahead of us is long and the Struggle for Freedom has only now begun. It took the Left many decades of steady work to undermine all levels of our educational system with their destructive ideology, and it will take decades to restore it.  I will only give one example from my personal life. A few days ago my son Andreas asked me if I had read the book “Archipelago Gulag” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the famous book (1973) where the atrocities of the Soviets were first exposed, a book that started the long process towards the end of communism in Eastern Europe.  To my great surprise, I realized that such a book – and the facts in it – are totally absent from our high-school education nationwide.  We singularly emphasize the “Holocaust” but we totally ignore events that led to multiple times the victims of the Jewish genocide, to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people.  Even a very well-educated young man like Andreas had missed in his sixteen years of education from first grade to college such momentous historical facts…  Facts that were solely based on the efforts to apply the leftist ideology in various parts of the globe… From Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union to China’s Cultural Revolution to Pol-Pot’s Cambodia, to Castro’s Cuba, to today’s Venezuela, millions of humans were tortured and died, were denied their dignity, and were suppressed of their most basic liberties, due to this flawed ideology…

Our Struggle for Freedom through educating our younger generations should begin immediately.  Not only through the educational system by applying strict rules on which school or college will get federal funds and by allowing charter schools everywhere, but in every aspect of life.  Do you need extra motivation? Take a look below at the recent pictures from Manhattan, our “golden city”… The city of our youthful dreams, the city which magnetized us and led us to cross rivers and oceans to be part of it… The center of the American free-enterprise system… This is what the initial stages of Socialism look like… Those of us who have lived totalitarianism in our youth know exactly what it means.  The merchants who have boarded their stores are not afraid of conservatives destroying their livelihood; they know exactly where the threat to their businesses is coming from: its coming from Antifa and Black Lives Matter and from the Left in general… Let’s rise up and not let the Fascists of the Left determine our country’s future…

November 4, 2020,



  1. Joe Biden’s not worried,
    he knows his corrupt party is cheating for him!

    President Trump IS winner!
    President Trump will be triumphant

  2. This election has been an abomination and should be canceled by the Supreme Court. A new election could be done on November 24, or December 15.with our armed forces guarding all ballot boxes. This election is just too important to conduct it in a manner not representative of the moral standards of our nation.

  3. Dear Mr. Karakas, Is it possible that those caravans of Antifa and blm members who trashed the States biden is winning dubious ballots were signed up and factored in as voters, as the summer of violence marched on? The irony being they gave the election ill-gottenly?


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