EDITOR’S NOTE: In today’s video update Andreas explains the new developments focusing on the Arizona results, where the signs are hopeful… Also, the accumulation of evidence on fraud is monumental: Project Veritas released a new video in which Michigan USPS ‘whistleblower’ alleges ballot fraud in the form of postmarking ballots that arrived on Nov. 4 as received on Nov. 3!!  And a final note to all: Foxnews is now compromised and is largely part of the anti-trump camp.  On election night they committed two major “backstabs” on Trump.  First, at 9 pm they announced that the democrats had won the house with an expanded majority – and as we all now know they have lost at least 5 seats! Then a little later they declared AZ for Biden and they still now have not retracted as officially the State itself is calling the vote “too close to call”.  Why is Foxnews compromised? Probably due to personal friction between Trump and the Murdochs… But let’s not forget who the Murdochs truly are: They belong to a small club of a hundred families who run the globe…

November 4, 2020, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com


  1. Farewell FoxNews – used to be our go to place, but Roger Ales crashed & burned, heads rolled & now Fox is compromised; Rupert Murdoch gave it up to his lefty sons. We’re left nowhere to go but here & Roosh V videos


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