By Nick Stamatakis

Before I start enumerating the many ways the Democrats have violated state and federal election laws, I have a question for President Jimmy Carter, who spent decades monitoring elections all over the world through his Carter Center, from Africa to Asia to the Middle East: Are the standards established by the Carter Center (link here) for observing elections, met in Tuesday’s vote where counting observation was not allowed in a number of counties/states and mailing ballots kept arriving after the cutoff time (varies by state), even in his own state of Georgia?

The example above shows to all of us the great danger of our current predicament: Undermining the foundation of our – and every – democracy which is the expression of the will of the people with clarity, honesty, and integrity. Without voting integrity democracy does not exist.  All these moguls who have now started an extensive censure operation against those who disagree with their liberalism have first and foremost to answer a serious question: How is it possible for those technological geniuses with their “advanced” gadgets and “apps”, to have failed to provide a secure and swift way of voting? How is it possible for any one of us to send money (even $100,000 or more) with a couple of clicks to the other side of the globe but we cannot vote securely – and it’s not possible to have our votes counted accurately? Why don’t they answer this question before they embark on their globalist agenda?

Let me now enumerate the most serious instances of voter fraud we have seen so far:

  1. It all started on election night when by 10-10.30 pm it was obvious that instead of a “blue wave” we have a “red wave” and that the Democrats are losing the Senate and have lost seats in the House. Then suddenly in a number of states that we all knew were heavily contested (WI, MI, PA, NC, GA. AZ, NV) suddenly vote-counting came to a screeching stop.
  2. At the same time the networks – including Fox – started playing games: When people were still voting in the West Coast, Fox “called” AZ for Biden with only 15% of the votes counted! And announced that the Democrats have won the House increasing their seats!! A few hours later we all knew that they had lost at least 5 seats!
  3. Then we received reports from WI, MI, PA that in the middle of the night hundreds of thousands of voted arrived, and in all instances, they were 100% for Biden!! This was recorded in several results’ announcements where around 3.30-4.30 am you had a jump in Biden votes!
  4. Then we learned that across all these states (WI, MI, PA, NC, GA. AZ, NV) in the counties controlled by Democrats, no monitors from the republican side were allowed!  When in Pennsylvania a judge issued an order demanding these local officials to admit republican monitors, they were not allowed to enter or they were placed at 60 ft (20 meters) away so they could not see the votes being counted!  Let me note that they arrived there with their lawyers and, in many cases, they were not allowed to even enter the voting places!  How can anyone say that you have honest elections without allowing monitors?
  5. In MI, PA and elsewhere the democrat “vote-counters” played all kinds of games with the mailing ballots: 1) They threw in the garbage the envelopes they came in so the post stamp or the sender’s name could not be verified. 2) They mixed these votes with the rest of the votes and as a result, nobody can now distinguish which votes arrived late in the mail and which are the in-person votes!!
  6. In MI there is a report that a local Post Office manager on Nov. 4 ordered the clerks to postmark the votes that arrived late with Nov.3 stamp!
  7. This whole fraud operation had started weeks and months before: In PA they voted “new laws” allowing ballots arriving in the mail even today (Nov 6) to be counted!

Finally, this elaborate fraud operation is supported by a psychological operation of monumental proportions, through the corrupt main street media – including Fox now – trying to convince Americans that President Trump has lost and there is no point to resist.  It is up to all of us to resist. Do not believe any announcement by the news media that Biden won. Biden did not win! All these state votes – including WI – will be recounted and the Supreme Court will ultimately get involved.

What then will happen now? State Legislatures, and in most of the 7 contested states they are controlled by Republicans, have a key role: They can decide to send whoever they chose in DC – and not democrat electors – in January on the basis of fraudulent voting practices.  If State Legislatures fail to certify their state’s election by Dec. 12 then the election of the new president will be decided in Congress in early January – ONE VOTE FOR EACH STATE DELEGATION – in which case Trump will win. But in front of the voter fraud of monumental proportions we are faced with, it is inevitable will the US Supreme Court will have to intervene. How this will happen is a rather complex legal question that we will see unfolding in the next few days…


November 6, 2020,



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