PHOTO ABOVE: Scott Adams

EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): One day after “Beijing Biden” was named by the corrupt media “president-elect”, the “red wave” of support for President Trump not only flooded the states’ capitals but has also produced the first signs of serious legal action.  So serious that Van Jones, the “woke” leftist commentator for CNN, started explaining the many ways Trump has available to overcome the slim Biden’s lead in 6-7 states and win a second term!! Well, well, well… If those who yesterday organized the “victory puppet theater” are today trying to escape from their pipe dream then we should all be hopeful that justice will finally prevail in the end and that this joke of an election will soon be behind us and Biden will go back to his basement…

I am following closely one of the best political operators of our time, Dick Morris (link here and here), who along with Scott Adams (preferred by my son Andreas – please watch his video below) identified the THREE main paths to victory for Trump: 1) The legal path, with multiple lawsuits filed this week in at least 4 states, as Rudy Giuliani explained (link here).  A systemic voter fraud – as manifested by the “malfunctioning software” – creates a possibility for going directly to the US Supreme Court, while other cases may eventually end up there. 2) The state legislatures have an absolute constitutional right to determine their state’s electors – and they might in the end do so on the basis of extensive evidence of voter fraud. 3) Ultimately, in the case of an impasse, Congress can pick the winner; at this final stage, because each state has only one vote, Trump has the upper hand and excellent chances to prevail.

Please watch Andreas explain the latest developments…

November 8, 2020,


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