EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): One more hot-blooded priest from Crete in the Metropolis of France, is involved in a sexual scandal, this time a heterosexual scandal… Fr. Nikolaos Kakavelakis, 52, the priest who we all thought was the victim of a terrorist attack in Lyon, France, was finally said to have been shot by the husband of the Russian woman he was involved with… “He was very enterprising with women”, a french paper wrote… He obviously offered confession to this Russian woman in a very …novel way…

We remind our audience that last year the Metropolis of France was rocked when we made public (at that time in “kalami.us”) the orgies of the – still today (!!) – Metropolitan of France Emmanuel (Adamakis), and his assistant, with Bulgarian escorts IN – yes IN – the building of the Metropolis… The scandal cost Emmanuel a possible transfer to America and, instead, Elpidophoros was “approved” (let’s not kid ourselves, it was not an “election”…)  I am not sure if we should consider ourselves “lucky”… Pat.Bartholomew had the right to demand the police report describing the orgies BUT REFUSED… Not only he refused but he promoted the two disgraced hierarchs… 



A priest in France who was shot on the doorstep of his own church was not in fact a victim of terrorism but was gunned down by the jealous husband of his lover.

Nikolaos Kakavelakis, a 52-year-old Greek Orthodox priest, was hit twice at point-blank range in the chest on Halloween by a gunman who fired a sawed-off shotgun, French news site The Local reported, then tossed the weapon and fled.

He was standing on the steps of his church in the Greek Orthodox parish of the Annunciation of the Mother of God in Lyon, France, when he was shot.

When Kakavelakis awoke from a coma a few days later, he told authorities that the shooter was married to his lover.

Nearing the end of his term presiding over the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Lyon, Kakavelakis was about to return to his native country when he was shot, Greek City Times reported. According to reports, he had resigned from the church due to the affair.

“The priest is very focused on the sexual thing,” a source close to the investigation told Le Parisien. “He is very enterprising with women.”

Police initially believed the attack could be connected to terrorism, occurring as it did amid a spate of violent acts attributed to militants.


  1. Let’s see if anybody holds him and his bishop accountable. I doubt it, Greek Orthodox business as usual.

    This is aNother reason to be very careful of who hears your confession. The perverts have co-opted this sacrament too, especially some of these phony, mostly monk, “spiritual fathers”.

    Teach your wives, sisters, and daughters— the moment the perverts start asking about, “what position do you have sex in ?” and other such lurid questions, to immediately RUN, not walk away. And then inform others.

    This is the way these devils operate. Forewarned and forearmed, so now you know.


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