By Nick Stamatakis

As we were all absorbed in following the election news and trying to find out what really happened – in the midst of the biggest deception operation by the mainstream media, in the most difficult circumstance this nation has encountered in decades, AB Elpidophoros, obviously guided by Karloutsos, rushed before any other religious leader to congratulate Biden: The People of America have spoken. It is time to come together for the sake of the Nation. Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris. We pray for them and President Trump to work together for the peaceful transfer of power. One Nation under God!”

Other religious leaders were very concerned not simply about the so many questionable facts surrounding the election but also about the continued deep division of this nation which is about to be even deeper as over 70 million Americans who voted for Trump have many well-founded doubts about the “stolen vote”.  Other religious leaders chose to wait and not take a position early… They decided to let some time go by and let the dust settle…

But not AB Elpidophoros… Elpidophoros felt he had to rush to congratulate Biden. Why exactly did he do that? What purpose did he serve? Does he really think that he helps the …healing?  Greek-Americans are suspicious by nature and they will have an even greater difficulty than other groups to believe that Biden won “fair and square”… In addition, Greek Americans voted overwhelmingly for Trump, and this is not just my opinion. It is a fact that no journalist in our community disputes… They all wrote about it extensively and they reported it on radio and TV news here and in Greece…

Why would a supposed “leader” rush to congratulate someone who most of his Church’s faithful disapprove and consider illegitimate? Especially because he has supported positions on abortion and religious freedom that go directly against our faith… There is only one believable explanation for this leader’s act: That he has something bigger in play behind the scenes and he doesn’t truly care what the faithful believe or want.

This is not only a questionable position for any leader but a very risky one. For when the “Eye of Justice” which watches everything from high above, will finally come down hard on those who betrayed so many basic principles organizing our society, he will be left in an impossible position, a leader without faith and without faithful…


    Who is this man so eager to quickly rush to congratulate a corrupt Biden stolen election? What is he hiding from the faithful? What is his and Pat. Bartholomew’s greater agenda which they are keeping so close to the vest? We demand to know.

    Not only is the AB ignorant of the rule of law of the United States and our election electoral process, but is also ignorant of our American values, culture and faith in God as rooted in our Constitution.

    With AB Elpidophoros’ roots and allegiance in a corrupt TURKEY, I see him as Peter the betrayer, to not only the countries of Greece and the United States, but also to Orthodoxy and ultimately, Christianity world-wide.

    My dear God loving and fearing Orthodox Christian men and women, AB Elpi is not the man whose hands we should be kissing.


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