EDITOR’S NOTE: In the post-vote chaos, in a flood of information we are all receiving, it is hard to discern what is important.  But these selected links are true eye-openers….

  •  “BREAKING: Georgia Secretary of State about to announce that they will conduct a HAND RECOUNT of the presidential race.” / Twitter (link here)
  • BIDEN PLEDGE IN FIRST DEBATE: “I would not declare victory until the election is independently certified”!! (watch the video here).
  • Trump Campaign Spokesman Murtaugh: Pennsylvania Presidential Election ‘Unconstitutional’… (statement and video here)
  • Pompeo: There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump Administration.
  • Former Google Chief Eric Schmidt Applies to Become Citizen of Cyprus!! (link here)
  • Poll: 70% of Republicans Say 2020 Election Was Neither Free, Nor Fair (link here)
  • If the 2020 Election Was Held in a Foreign Country, the State Department and Western Media Would Declare it “Fraudulent” (link here)
  • Biden Is Barred from National Security Intelligence Briefings Until Election Is Certified (link here)
  • MAGA Million Man March In DC This Saturday Among Many Other Pro-Trump Events (link here)


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