By Nick Stamatakis

GOA seems to be in total “synch” with the “cancel culture” that threatens every aspect of American life today. They are perfectly fine with demolishing our glorious history and they do not care to throw out all those who sacrificed their lives to preserve those precious ideals we all celebrate on days like today, November 11, Veterans Day!…

Our friend at “concerned Christians” has already presented evidence (you can see it below – at the second part of this post)…  Suddenly this year, the celebration of Veterans Day has disappeared from the official GOA calendar… Yes, you read correctly, we do not need to honor these veterans… Instead, we honor every worthless politician or any businessman who “donates” to us… Those who gave their lives do not deserve to be …

And please do not anyone remind us of the OXI DAY FOUNDATION and the Manatos’ and Karloutsos involvement in its organization… The DC lobbyists and Karloutsos are first and foremost interested to line their own pockets – and organize yet one “black tie” event to rub shoulders with corrupt politicians and donors… They do not give a dime to honor the many Greek-American Veterans of so many wars.  Our veterans gave everything they had so we can live with pride and freedom.  And we – both here and in Greece – have failed to even have a proper archive of their heroic acts! We end up honoring the “fat cats”!

GOA should feel ashamed!  We all should feel ashamed we accept such ignorant and ungrateful people as “leaders”… Especially because they know well that many veterans are part of our Church and some are priests! Not even a “trisagio”, not any other official church service, not even a statement…  How much lower can our so-called “leaders” go? Over 90% of the faithful have abandoned them –  and covid-19 was not the reason… When the last 10% goes they will be “leaders” of nothing…

Our community is proud of our Veterans and will honor them in any way we each can… Find them out, say a warm “thank you” to them, give them a helping hand if they need help… The Greek-American community is proud of its veterans and all its freedom fighters…

November 11, 2020,



The GOA No Longer Honors Our Veterans!

Sometimes it’s the little BIG things that go unnoticed.

Not only has our new Turkish Archbishop suspended the Charter of the Archdiocese, he is / has:

  1. Taxing our parishes for more stewardship contributions with less ministry offerings to the faithful.
  2. Giving more and increasing bribes to the Ecumenical Patriarchate.
  3. Terminated the ministry of a US Metropolitan and suspended another Metropolitan without being transparent about the exact reason and cause. Ultimately, Elpidophoros has placed himself in charge of now 3 Metropolises (more to come).
  4. Reinstalled Psaros, the little king, to the Executive Committee so he can continue supporting the Karloutsos carnage on the national Church and Clergy Pension Fund as he started when he kicked out Archbishop Demetrios.
  5. Broke from the tradition of remaining politically neutral by supporting the Biden/Harris ticket because he was told by Fr. Alex Karloutsos to do so. Let’s remember that Karloutsos and the Bidens (The Big Guy and Hunter) helped the Patriarchate take the Ukrainian Church from Moscow. Which is why the Patriarchate and Karloutsos helped Hunter get some sweet deals from the Ukrainians – all will be exposed!
  6. Starting to put his personal henchmen from overseas into the GOA as staff and NY parish clergy by kicking out our US clergy from their parishes.
  7. Put Karloutsos’ friends and relatives into key positions around the GOA.
    Etc., Etc., Etc.

He has NOW, very quietly and in secret Turkish fashion, removed the tradition that Archbishop Demetrios started long ago by having the OUR Archdiocese of America Honor Veterans Day as an official recognized holiday by the National Church!

According to the 2020 Archdiocesan Yearbook, Veteran’s Day is no longer listed as holiday for which the GOA will be closed.

Obviously as a non-US citizen being our Archbishop (another Charter violation), Elpidophoros has no use for the Veterans of the United States of America. He likes to smile a lot in all his political photo-ops however, deep down, he has no use for the US Church. His temporary position as Archbishop is only a stepping stone for him to ascend to the ultimate throne of Ecumenical Patriarch.

Veterans day is not only recognized just in the USA, Veterans of other nations are also recognized on November 11th. Canada, Australia and Great Britain also recognize their Veterans. It is truly sad and unfortunate that our Archbishop has chosen to dishonor our Veterans by removing the recognition of this truly important holiday by the Archdiocese of America!

I’m sure when Biden is Inaugurated as our 46th President, Karloutsos and Elpidophoros will be front and center smiling and being recognized, however, will our Veterans and US citizens appreciate their fake smiles and platitudes if they really know the truth of who these two really are and what they are doing to the American Church?

So far, as a public face, all we have seen is smiles and lip service from the new Archbishop while behind the scenes he continues to dishonor and dismantle what little remains of our Archdiocese and American Orthodox Church.

2019 Archdiocesan Yearbook showing that Veteran’s Day was previously listed as a holiday that the Archdiocese recognized.


  1. The Elpi “cancel” of Vets Day is indefensible and treasonous.

    I don’t think it’s possible to be a member of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and be a loyal American. The Turkish grifter archbishop and his Neo Marxist, anti-American, Grecofanatic followers have bonded with the Biden Crime Family to form a new Axis of Evil to destroy what we built and replace it with their new Global Reset agenda, given to them by Soros, AOC, The Squad, Planned Parenthood, USSR honeymooner Bernie Sanders, and the New York Times.

    Other things will fold into this anti-Americanism—Greek only services, Clergy-Laity held on July 4th (what American institution does that?), Greek not American flags, disdain exhibited for “mixed” marriages and so much more.

    If Karloutsos is smart, he will develop Kamala. Odds on that she’s the real winner here, the Democrat Left will move Joe out inside of 12 months, say the bookies.

    Kamala is a Greek name, right? I’m sure Fredo will explain it to her shortly and the “powerful Greek lobby” and The Archons of Turkey will crown her Queen of All Hellenes at a rubber chicken dinner with no appetizer or dessert for $500 a seat. Don’t question where the proceeds go.

    They all deserve each other. Sit back and enjoy the amateur comedy hour.

  2. What do you expect, when they don’t honor Christ and His Church but if there’s an ecumenical service at the Vatican or a Black Lives Parade…


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