EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Among the flood of new information coming out daily regarding the COLOSSAL FRAUD taking place in this election, this new piece is quite amazing, a true SMOKING GUN!! The Canadian election software company Dominion is found to be OWNED by interests tied to Venezuela and Soros!!  It has been said that information does not mean proof in the Court of Law. But if there is anyone who can turn information into legally sustainable evidence this is Rudy Giuliani. Rudy, who was responsible for taking down the New York Mafia, and has won over 4,000 (!!!) legal cases, will make sure that this fraud will be proven for all to see in the Courts of Law – UNTIL THIS FRAUDULENT ELECTION IS OVERTURNED! Again this is not Michael Cohen and this not Michael Avennati, the ridiculous lawyers who got disgraced… This is Rudy Giuliani, a real lawyer from an older generation, the guy who put to jail countless Mafiosi…

Meanwhile, the Democrats are in a state of panic: A week after Nov. 3 and while votes are still counted, they bring out their big guns (former President Obama) to explain to all of us that Trump should concede “otherwise he is undermining democracy”!!!  These are words of panic my friends because the Democrats have only one way to win this: Trump concedes voluntarily.  We should forget that Hillary for months advised Biden “to never concede”… We should forget that in 2000 Al Gore conceded and he took back his concession – and then it took 6 weeks to have a recount… But Trump should lift his hands up in the air and concede to the ultimate symbol of corruption, Obama… A product of the matrix of all political corruption, Chicago.. 

You can watch Andreas Stamatakis explain the news in this 6′ video… 



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